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Vodafone, a project to collect and refurbish smartphones is underway

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Collect and recondition smartphones no longer used to give them new life. Vodafone launches a new project of circular economy which allows anyone, starting from 22 November and for the following three weeks, to bring an old smartphone to a Vodafone Store: if the device has a residual value, Vodafone will offer the customer a discount on the purchase of a new device in the scope of the Smart Change initiative, thus allocating it to new use. If, on the other hand, it does not have any even though it is still functioning, the customer has the possibility to donate it, thus starting the components for complete reconditioning or any parts by the inmates of the Bollate Prison, as part of a project aimed at reintegration into the world of prisoners’ work and the circular economy. To underline it a note from the operator.

Smartphones delivered to Vodafone Stores throughout Italy will be delivered to Fenixs, a social enterprise operating in II Milan-Bollate Prison House. Fenixs takes care of reintegrating inmates into the world of work, using them in the reconditioning of decommissioned computer equipment from previous use. The possibility of carrying out a work activity during detention is one of the fundamental tools for the rehabilitation and resocialization of the inmate.

The Fenixs project has two activities: the first – which is also the native activity of the social enterprise – sees the reconditioning of decommissioned IT equipment with the aim of reducing the amount of electronic waste and bringing to the market products otherwise destined for destruction. ; the second, active since 2019, is the treatment of so-called WEEE, Environmental, Electric and Electronic Waste, carried out thanks to the support of a third company that has launched an authorized plant for the management and treatment of electronic waste inside the Bollate prison . Manual processing is privileged, more effective in pursuing the social objective and which allows for a finer selection of materials than that generated by shredding mills usually present in disposal plants.

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How Daisy works, the robot that recognizes iPhones and carefully disassembles them for recycling

A further initiative that has been around for some time Vodafone actual is the regeneration of Vodafone Station, thanks to which customers have the possibility to return the Stations and other equipment used for the fixed line thus allowing a Vodafone to regenerate and reuse them. In this way the devices are regenerated or the materials recovered, preventing them from becoming waste. In case of withdrawal from the contract, the customer can return the equipment to the appropriate collection points or book a free courier collection at home.

On the occasion of Green Friday, the company realized a meter that, starting from November 21st, will allow customers to know how much CO2 they have saved in the use of their Giga of traffic thanks to the fact that the network Vodafone it is powered by electricity from 100% renewable sources. The counter will be viewable both on the dedicated page in My Vodafone app of the individual customer, both on the dedicated page on the website Vodafone. On both, it will also be possible to view the CO2 savings of the entire community Vodafone.

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