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Waiting times and services of ASUGI, an overview

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Waiting times and services of ASUGI, an overview

Since 2020, healthcare companies have found themselves facing an unparalleled emergency, everyone is well aware of the difficulties of managing the pandemic emergency and its gradual return to normal. Normality aggravated in some cases by the forced suspension / slowdown of some outpatient visits, by the reduction of staff due to suspensions or by the continuous contagion of health personnel (which still continues to decimate entire departments). Nonetheless, the performance data of No matter where you areduring and after the pandemic, they have always been above the regional average, both considering the performance of the old separate health companies (AAS2 and ASUITS), and looking at the data from their unification in Asugi in 2020 in full pandemic.

Asugi already in 2021 provided a number of services equal to 2019 (pre-pandemic), despite the resumption of the pandemic and the consequent need for reorganization of departments and personnel, while the data for 2022 indicate a significant increase.

With the unification of the two Isontina-Giuliana healthcare companies, the offer in Asugi has been remodeled and enriched as a consequence of the reorganization of spaces and staff and this has allowed users to have more service providers for the same branch. In this period, some agendas were closed following renovations in the various locations to allow an ever better quality of service and always giving the possibility of booking in other locations.

Visits for osteoporosis

Regarding the visit for osteoporosis in Trieste, two locations are available at the Cattinara hospital and one guaranteed also in Gorizia. It should be remembered that osteoporosis is a chronic disease with major repercussions on the quality of life and also, to a lesser extent, on its quality with the exception of situations associated with specific causes such as hormonal therapy for neoplasms, chemotherapy, protracted steroid therapy, antiviral therapy for AIDS, antiepileptic therapy, malabsorption, rheumatic diseases and some less common ones. The fundamental principle is prevention by means of adequate lifestyles (no smoking, physical activity, weight control). In many cases management can be done by the general practitioner without resorting to a hospital outpatient clinic, probably at least half of the first visits do not require a level II visit.

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