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Walking diet, how to lose weight without fatigue

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Walking diet, how to lose weight without fatigue

You can lose weight while walking! With the Walking Diet it takes 30 minutes a day to quickly see results on your body. You lose the extra kilos and find a good mood, the secrets revealed in a book.

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Walking diet, 30 minutes to lose weight

“Just walking 30 minutes a day to have beneficial effects on our entire body, from weight, to the mind, passing through the cardiovascular system” to say it are biologist Sara Cordara and nutritionist Laura Avalle, authors of the book “The walking diet”. The text contains all the tips to follow the Walking Diet and lose weight in a short time without sacrifices, let’s see some of them.

Squats, planks, abs, weights and exhausting exercises, sweat and frustration at not seeing results after so much effort. This is the thought many people have when looking for a method to lose weight. Of course physical activity is essential but perhaps it is not suitable for everyone, not in certain terms, while a walk of at least 30 minutes perhaps in the company of friends is pleasant and you don’t feel fatigue.

But is walking enough to lose weight? According to Sara Cordara and Laura Avalle, Yup. You lose weight following the directions of the Walking Diet and lose the extra pounds as long as you walk at a fast and steady pace. There duration of the walk must be 30 minutes as a minimum and for 3 times a weekOf course you can also extend the duration and increase the outputs.

It all depends on your physical form, the will and the ability to organize daily commitments. “Walking is a cure-all and above all it is suitable for everyone, there are no contraindications, no particular equipment is required and is good for the whole body”says the nutritionist during an interview with Fanpage.

Lose the extra pounds by walking, how it works

Don’t worry, you don’t need to run or do miles of road, climbing or trekking to find your weight again. It’s enough walk briskly preferably in the countryside, in a park, away from traffic if possible but also good in the city. The important thing is to dress appropriately and comfortably with breathable clothing and appropriate shoes.

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The indications of the authors of the book are as follows: “We don’t have to walk like when we take a stroll through the shops. In English it is called fitwalking, it is an energetic walk whose speed will increase a little more every day if we practice it consistently, up to 6-7 km / h. Walking is good for the mind, for the cardiovascular system and also for our joint system “.

Walking benefits everyone, even if you don’t have to lose weight. The benefits are many for physical and mental health, do one fast walk it stimulates blood circulation and therefore increases the oxygenation of cells throughout the body. It also reduces water retention by stimulating the microcirculation of lymphatic fluids and relieves stress by increasing the production of serotonin, the good mood hormone.

What time to choose for walking

The best time to walk is in the morning, better get up early maybe at 6 am and take a quick walk before starting the work or family day. To the in the morning the body loses more weightthe doctor explains the reason, specifying that the important thing is to train.

Regardless of the time, the important thing is to train. But the best time slot is in the morning. In fact, at that time we have hormonal peaks, in particular in cortisol and GH, which will make us burn more fat “.

The fasting body consumes fat: “Train on an empty stomach. According to some studies, in fact, during the night fasting our organism gives up all the glycogen (ie carbohydrates) and for this reason during the physical activity in the morning the body will use fat directly as an energy source “.

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Walking diet, what to eat

To lose weight and maintain a healthy weight it is necessary to follow a correct diet, here’s how. “The walking diet, even if it includes some restrictions during the first days, aims to be a real lifestyle”

I’m four phases established by the doctor for the weight loss diet to be performed simultaneously with the walk.

“It starts with a purifying phase, the most restrictive, but it only lasts three days. We eat little (carbohydrates are not allowed) and well and we try not to overload the liver and kidneys. Then we move on to a re-educational phase, which lasts 7 days, foods such as eggs, milk and derivatives, cereals and legumes are introduced (excellent black chickpeas rich in iron and antioxidants). Then the last two phases, consolidation and maintenance, include lean meats, cured meats, some cheeses and the quantity of starchy products is increased “.

It is very important that the diet described by the doctor is accompanied by physical exercise, or brisk walking, with a duration of half an hour three times a week.

You can increase the length of the course and the days it runs as you improve your physical endurance. This way you can lose up to 4 kg in one month decreasing fat mass and increasing lean mass. The body is more toned and defined, you feel more energetic and more resistant to fatigue as well as being less tired at the end of the day.

“The effects of the diet will be seen almost immediately, initially you will obviously lose fluids then there will be a stationary phase, without weight loss, and then you will continue to go down until you reach the ideal weight. Obviously, however, we must take into account the differences that exist from person to person. Not everyone will react in the same way ”.

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Water is essential

Drinking the right amount of water is very important, as the expert explains: “A couple of hours before the walk it is advisable to drink at least 600-700 ml of water. During training, on the other hand, you need to drink an average of 250 ml of water every 15 minutes. And, be careful, you must remember to drink even after physical activity, even if you do not feel thirsty “.

You must never make the mistake of underestimating the role of water as an essential nutrient during sports. “A couple of hours before the walk it is advisable to drink at least 600-700 ml of water. During training, on the other hand, you need to drink an average of 250 ml of water every 15 minutes. And, be careful, you must remember to drink even after physical activity, even if you do not feel thirsty “.

The secrets revealed by the nutritionist in the Walking Diet

Follow the Walk diet it means changing your lifestyle, it’s not just about exercising but developing a mentality that leads to self-respect and love for a healthy and balanced life. The nutritionist, author of the book, reveals her secrets from the very first pages, here are some of her.

Lose weight by walking
Losing weight while walking, the diet – TiPiu.com

Vary the foods: “We try to vary as much as possible. For example, if we find cereals in our diet, we always avoid eating rice only but alternate it with barley and spelled “.

Don’t skip the meal: “Better to have lunch at 3pm than not to have lunch at all. We risk altering the basal metabolism “.

Don’t weigh your food: “We don’t have to be obsessed with the weight of everything we bring to the table. You have to be used to having lunch and dinner outside the home. And then we remember that fruit and vegetables should not be weighed “.

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