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Walking plank: what it is and what are the exercises for sculpted abs

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Walking plank: what it is and what are the exercises for sculpted abs

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See under entry six pack abs. A mirage that can become reality. Well yes, even if getting the flat stomach of your dreams is not just a matter of training. Posture, for example, can affect the appearance of your abs. Not to mention genetics: age, sex and simple predisposition, in fact, can influence the results. But it’s worth trying, to feel better about ourselves and others. How to do? Jeson Lengudiana, sports coach of Episod Paris, is certain: il walking plank is the turning point. And now you need to know everything.

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What is the walking plank

Let’s start with the plank. Literally translatable as plank, it is an isometric exercise that relies on strength and short-term resistance to stabilize the trunk and reduce the belly. A dynamic alternative to the plank exercise, of which Victoria Beckham is also a big fan, the walking plank allows you to mobilize and engage the abdominal belt in a less static way. But more effective. The movement is almost the same but the arms will be involved in carrying out the exercise, moving slowly back and forth. This “walking” version, however, does not only work on the abdominal part but is able to strengthen the shoulders and back.

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How to do the walking plank

The coach is determined on this point: «although the exercise is quite simple to understand, you must pay attention to the correct position, to avoid injuries». Furthermore, it is important to insert small evolutions (arms moving forward), to avoid falling or injury.

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How many times to do the walking plank for it to be effective? «As regards the number of repetitions or the distance to cover with the hands, there is no magic formula. You have to set up your workouts on the basis of your level, without putting yourself “in danger”».

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Expert advice

The professional’s advice is to feel confident about distances and durations before wanting to increase the difficulty. For greater efficiency, then, you can alternate with the positions of the static plank: lateral, walking plank, etc. Each of these variations will allow you to work more precisely on one of the muscles of the abdominal belt (oblique, rectus abdominis, transversus). And it will thus have a great benefit on the whole belly area.

But can everyone practice the walking plank? Certainly those who are already trained have an advantage. It is not recommended after childbirth – you need to wait for approval from a doctor or physical therapist – or if you have abdominal weakness. Again, asking your doctor for advice before starting the practice is good and right.

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