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Wanting to sleep more and difficulty concentrating could be the indicator of this problem

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Sometimes the small changes that occur in daily life go almost unnoticed. However, there comes a time when there are different alarm bells that the body and mind set off to let people know that something is happening. Desire to sleep more and difficulty concentrating could be the indicator of this problem that can affect different segments of the population.

This is why mind and body are not two distinct and separate entities

Some life circumstances can have a major impact on a person’s well-being. In these cases it is not only the body that is affected, but also the mind. Adverse situations could lead to psychiatric disorders such as depression. This pathology, at times becomes so disabling as to grant the right to economic subsidies. In a previous article we have illustrated which are the 7 psychological pathologies that give the right to the INPS disability pension. Contrary to popular belief, depressive disorder does not exclusively involve the emotional dimension. On the contrary, it is a problem that also presents somatic manifestations that are not always immediately evident. How to recognize it in time in order to consult a doctor or mental health specialist?

Wanting to sleep more and difficulty concentrating could be the indicator of this problem

The recent pandemic has dealt a severe blow to the health of countless people. A very recent Italian scientific study wanted to show the data collected on a sample of over 300 subjects and on the increase of some problems connected to the emotional sphere. Researchers collected data on quarantine outcomes and recorded a notable increase in post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. These results raise an alarm not only at the health level, but push many to want to know better what are the alarm bells of similar problems. In the case of depression, it is useful to refer to the diagnostic criteria of the DSM-V manual. The main symptoms are:

  • depressed mood for most of the day and almost every day;
  • decreased appetite, weight loss or weight gain not justified by a diet;
  • marked decrease in interest or pleasure in most daily activities;
  • sleep disturbances such as hypersomnia or insomnia;
  • feelings of self-depreciation or marked and excessive guilt;
  • difficulty in thinking and concentrating;
  • feeling of lack of energy and fatigue;
  • slowing or psychomotor agitation;
  • recurring thoughts of death or suicidal ideation.
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At least 5 of these symptoms, which require a necessary specialist examination, must be present at the same time for at least two weeks. They must describe a change in the person from a previous level of functioning. In similar circumstances, several studies show how important it is to do some daily exercises to recover your health. In fact, by following the instructions of the specialists, it is possible to intervene effectively on the disorder.


How to get early retirement for those suffering from depression

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)
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