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War Ukraine Russia, news. Berlin: ‘Putin wants to destabilize Germany’. LIVE

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for the world to help Kiev defeat “Russian evil.” Meanwhile, the death toll from a Russian drone attack on Odessa, which occurred yesterday at dawn, has risen to 11: among these, four children. “Mark, who was not even three years old, Yelyzaveta, eight months, and Timofey, four months,” Zelensky said, naming the youngest victims of the attack in a Telegram post. “Ukrainian children are Russia’s military targets,” he said. Local officials said the toll could rise further as there were still people missing more than 36 hours after the bombing. Ukraine’s president had implored Kiev’s Western allies on Saturday to provide more air defense systems as Russia continues to pound Ukraine with drones, missiles and artillery fire as the war enters its third year. Ukraine is currently on the defensive, with Russia recently making gains on the front lines of the battlefield. Zelensky said 215 rescuers took part in an ongoing search and rescue operation in Odessa. While the delay in approving a $60 billion US aid package left Kiev facing ammunition shortages, Zelensky said the attack showed the importance of supporting Ukraine.

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