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Watch out for this brand of cookies: “They found worms!”

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Watch out for this brand of cookies: “They found worms!”

We are indisputably inclined to be particularly attentive to food, both to the quality of the dishes but in particular in this specific historical context, also from the origin, also because especially when referring to products developed by industrial chains, the possibility of food contamination it is never excessively reduced. In fact, on a regular basis, especially the products that are naturally and more perishable, can be in contact with other harmful substances, as well as receiving different types of insects, which are generally attracted to starchy compounds and sugars of various kinds.

Watch out for this brand of cookies: “They found worms!”

In fact, through the portal of the ministry of health, companies that are obliged to maintain high safety standards in relation to products.

There are many brands that, albeit quite rarely, take off the market in some cases, whole batches of biscuits contaminated by chemicals or insects.

In general, flours and cereals are subjected to a treatment that exceeds 100 ° C; at these temperatures the eggs are completely destroyed and there is no possibility that they develop into larvae and / or insects, in fact in many cases the contaminations occur later, during transport or storage, if this occurs in an inappropriate way.

The insects that can be found are usually of two different species, the so-called The Dark One, a form of beetle that tends to deposit eggs in correspondence with food, but which is completely harmless if ingested (even if the usual repulsion remains, since it is still an insect), and other forms of small moths known as “moths” of flour or “moths”, which tend to have a development process of several weeks. Most often it is possible to find these insects still in the larval state, which comes in the form of small worms.

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In all cases it is sufficient to bring the product back to where it was purchased, so as to develop a report. The seller must obligatorily carry it out, as well as reimburse the buyer.

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