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We are looking for you… – medicine and health, medical specialists and wellness

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We are looking for you… – medicine and health, medical specialists and wellness

Would you like to help people in your region to live healthier and sleep better?

Would you like to work in the service of health care?

Would you like flexible working hours and fulfillment at work?

Are you looking for a second mainstay with free time management?

Do you want to be free and set your own appointments?

Part-time or full-time?

Are you interested in a future-oriented job that requires expert knowledge, intuition and measurement technology?

Technological advances are constantly progressing and are penetrating into all of our lives and everyday lives.

This has consequences for the health of individuals and the general public.

We help people to use modern technology healthier.

Would you like to become a building biology site expert?

In order to give you a detailed insight into the training and work of the building biology site expert, we have for you a multi-part video series >> created.

With this job you can help many people and that gives you satisfaction and fulfillment in your job!

Despite the latest medicine and medical technology, more and more people have sleep disorders and more and more people are getting sick. The causes are little or not at all known.

As a building biology site expert, you create healthy sleeps (places) and healthier houses.

You can get everything you need to do this job from us. You learn for yourself and inform people around you (customers) to use modern technology in everyday life, in your own four walls and in your free time in a more health-conscious manner.

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You create fundamental knowledge for yourself and your fellow human beings (customers) for a healthier future in a healthier environment, especially in your own four walls and especially where you sleep. You will get to know the side effects of modern technology and show your customers how to avoid or eliminate them. They help to create awareness for a healthier use of modern technology at work, in day care centers and schools, at home and especially at the sleeping place.

Do you want to know more about this job, which you can practice both full-time and part-time?

In our multi-part video series, you will get detailed insights into the experiences and scientific knowledge surrounding the need for a healthy place to sleep. About our tried and tested, standardized training concept and the at-home services at the customer.

Sign up for our multi-part training video series here >>.

We wish you a lot of fun with the video series

Annemarie Heuer and the at-home team

…Your experts for a strong immune system while you sleep and for the best health care in the world!

We help people live healthier and sleep better through a healthy place to sleep.

at-home Institute for Health Studies eK
Annemarie Heuer
Ostendorf 38
48612 Horstmar

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