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We Are OFK Review – Gamereactor – We Are OFK

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We Are OFK Review – Gamereactor – We Are OFK

Interactive story video games have become very popular over the past decade. The subgenre has gained widespread popularity thanks to the work of Telltale Games and its efforts like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, so there have been plenty of similar titles over the past decade. This year alone, for the past few months, we’ve received The Quarry from Supermassive Games, shortly after, we’ve got As Dusk Falls from Interside/Night, and now as we move into mid-August, indie studio Team OFK is ready with We Are OFK, an episodic interactive story about the lives of four Los Angeles natives trying to break into the music industry, battling love and other emotions. While the game will debut from time to time in the coming weeks, I’ve had a chance to check it out in its entirety and have a lot of thoughts.

First, I want to make it clear that due to its weekly episode release schedule, I won’t be exploring the main narrative and plot any further, at least not more than what I’ve already summarized above. All you really need to know is there, because this is a game that deals primarily with the emotions and the way the crew of the four characters interact with the world and depend and develop on each other. It’s brilliantly delivered, full of emotion and charm, and as you’d expect from a game based on the soul of Los Angeles in the creative realm, it’s incredibly progressive and inclusive in the way it tells its story.

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Because this is an interactive story, we are OFK really easy to pick up and play. There are basically no controls and, in fact, much of the gameplay revolves around you choosing different responses in dialogue or text messages, which allows you to push the story forward and give it a slightly more personal touch. I would say that the ratio of dialogue to texts feels a bit too much because at least half of the game is told via texts, and I find it becomes a bit bland because it lacks human emotion. Also, the lack of complex control schemes or too much hands-on gameplay is also a flaw, as some games like Twilight Fall at least keep you on your toes for fast-time events, We Are OFK has more to do with the five-episode TV series Many similarities – it’s out of the way. On brief occasions, you can do something more exciting because each episode ends with a musical performance and accompanying music video that you can play while the song is going, but whatever you do here Neither has gravity, which really begs the question of why it even exists.

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Even if it’s a video game, you won’t be overwhelmed by We Are OFK because of the clever gameplay mechanics. No, you’re here for the story and the visual aesthetic: this game does both. While this might be a little too emotional and artistic for some, I think the way the OFK team managed to breathe life into each character and let them shine through great casting and plot development, resulting in Makes for an interesting narrative. Each character is critical to what’s going on, and again, none of the characters feel like a drag or dullness in comparison – it’s all very well balanced.

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We Are OFK
We Are OFK

As for the art style and visuals, the vibrant tones really fit the tone of the story and make the storyline itself stand out. Of course it would have been nice to have a little more detail here and there, especially with some of the supporting cast and the crowd who actually appear as faceless entities, but it does sort of affirm whose story is here Be told, who is the focus of the game.

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The OFK team also did a good job of not overcrowding or biting off more than they could chew. The story doesn’t feel like it’s overly popular, and while the ending does come quickly, the more concise narrative style, at around six hours, makes for an entertaining story that can be easily digested in a seat or two – again like a The same is true for mid-length TV series.

All in all, We Are OFK doesn’t have the gripping nature of some of the other interactive stories, but it does have a whole lot of charm and personality. Its simple design tends to be positive, and its visuals and appearance are striking. As I said, this is one of the few unapologetically progressive games of this day and age where I can already feel the proliferation of dark and scary parts of the internet that they’re going to have problems with. But if you’re not part of that old community, We Are OFK is worth checking out week after week because there’s a lot to appreciate and love in this game.

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