Home Health We lose those annoying extra pounds with one exercise a day to be fit even at 50

We lose those annoying extra pounds with one exercise a day to be fit even at 50

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We lose those annoying extra pounds with one exercise a day to be fit even at 50

Summer is almost upon us and we want to get back into shape to return to our usual splendor. A little for the sedentary lifestyle, a little for the passage of time, we have put on a few extra pounds. Typically accumulated on the abdominal area or hips, but also on the arms. We would like to get rid of it quickly, but unfortunately we know that there are no easy remedies. We have to do some exercises to tone even the drooping arms.

Physical activity is important in ensuring good health and is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. It is the Istituto Superiore di Sanità that reports this definition, also specifying what is meant by physical activity. It doesn’t mean spending hours and hours in the gym doing intense and strenuous exercises, but doing movement. Any effort that results in higher energy consumption than in resting conditions. To keep fit, therefore, you can combine physical activity with a healthy and balanced diet.

We lose those annoying extra pounds with one exercise a day to be fit even at 50

Today we will see some very easy exercises to do at home that could help us get rid of those extra pounds. A different exercise every day, also to avoid the boredom of repeating the same movements over and over. I shiver a set of 40 seconds, with a 15 second recovery for 20 minutes a day. If we are at the beginning, we can also repeat more series, but starting from 10 minutes.

Let’s start on Monday with the very famous jumping jacks, hops on the spot done by opening and closing arms and legs.

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Let’s move on to Tuesday, let’s go ashore with the so-called spiderman push ups. It is not difficult to imagine the position, we will have to imitate the famous superhero of the comics. Belly under, resting on the forearms, we open the legs bent outwards. We do 5 movements per leg and then rest for 10 seconds.

On Wednesday we proceed with steps on the spot, like walking, we bring the knee to waist height. Let’s touch it with the opposite hand to improve coordination.

From Thursday to Saturday

On Thursday we proceed with the skip in place, running standing still as if we had to run the 100 meters.

On Friday we move on to the much hated squats, but with a lot of jumping on the post. We go down as far as possible in preparation and land well before we stand out.

On Saturday we will do Russian Twists. Sitting on the ground, abdominals in tension and we form a V with the body. We rotate the torso to the right and left for 10 movements and recover.

On Sunday, our well-deserved rest.

So, let’s lose those pesky extra pounds without having to spend hours in the gym. Just spend 20 minutes a day, or even less, and in no time we will see the difference. And if we love walking, we can combine some cardio and some arm exercises. With a little persistence, the results will come.


Let’s get ready for summer with these exercises for the arms to do while walking to have them less flabby even at 50

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