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“We must manage the aggression of the relatives of the sick”

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80% of the beds in the infectious disease department of the Udine hospital are occupied by unvaccinated people. “We have 19 seats and in the last few weeks they have always been full” he tells “Countercurrent” one of the doctors in the ward.

The cameras enter a room, which houses a husband and wife, both on oxygen: “We are not vaccinated, the vaccines were done too quickly and I felt more in danger of the vaccine than of the disease. I think when I get out of here I will, though, because I have experienced what it is like to be unable to breathe.” .

In the red area of ​​the hospital, the no vax patients who have risked their lives have radically changed their minds: “I am not vaccinated, unfortunately, but now I will try not to let other people in here”.

The aspect that worries doctors the most is the reaction of the patients’ relatives: “We have to manage their aggressive behaviors, many times they deny the existence of the disease and propose treatments without any scientific basis.” A few days ago they even suggested that I give bleach enemas to a hospitalized relative, “says a doctor.

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