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We need courageous choices on the abolition of the exclusivity bond

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We need courageous choices on the abolition of the exclusivity bond

of Libera Santa Maria

04 APRDear Director,
I am a nurse, president of the National Association of Evolving Healthcare Professionals (ANPSE), I express all my frustration and consternation in ascertaining, in a few days, the change of direction of the government in office, on the abolition of the exclusivity bond for all of us healthcare professionals.

In fact, article 11 approved in the decree of 28 March by the Council of Ministers was ‘revised’ in article 13 of the same energy decree of 31 March. In the last draft appears the time limit for the removal of the constraint up to 31.12.2025 and the due authorization by the employer to be able to practice the free profession.

There is no professional “freedom” if limited by a time limit or if conditioned by an authorization!

Italian Healthcare Professionals are the least paid in Europe, many have abandoned the profession and others have attempted to escape abroad.

I therefore address an appeal to the Minister of Health Schillaci and the Undersecretary of Health Hon. Gemmato: the time has come to also give the 22 professional categories the possibility of choosing to exercise the LP freely and without constraints, for equal rights and which finally let these discriminating factors within the NHS disappear.

Free Santa Maria
Anpse President

April 04, 2023
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