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“We will find a structural solution.” Meloni’s promise on migrants

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“We will find a structural solution.”  Meloni’s promise on migrants

The goal is wide-ranging: to address and resolve the migrant issue with a “structural solution“. Giorgia Meloni he calls it that, alluding precisely to the desire to intervene in a decisive way on a complex and age-old theme. There are many knots to untie and the prime minister knows it: closing the centre-right’s electoral campaign in Ancona, it was the leader of the Brothers of Italy herself who underlined the need to proceed step by step, to complete what she defined as a Work “long and difficult“. But necessary. The government has already obtained the first results in this sense (in recent days the Cutro decree was approved just 66 days after yet another tragedy at sea). Now we need to move forward.

On migrants, well we are always lucky… We are facing the worst possible and imaginable situation, but even here, long work It’s difficult, but in the end we win“, said Giorgia Meloni, assuring the audience that listened to her that she wanted to get to the bottom of the matter. “I’d rather take longer but find one structural solution rather than making decisions out of fear of polls. We know we are five years old, the sums are drawn in the end“, he declared. The long-term perspective is the same that the premier had begun to outline since his first government moves, moving on multiple fronts (domestic, European and international) to regulate flows, guarantee security, make agreements and ask for collaboration from foreign interlocutors.

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The recent approval of the migrant decree went precisely in this direction. The provision itself, in fact, already intervened on a wide scale: among the measures envisaged, the fight against smugglerschanges to the duration of work permits, the technical-logistic enhancement of the first reception system and border controls and changes to the reception system, management of centers for migrants. Then close on special protection and the introduction of a new crime for “smugglers”, for which sentences of between 20 and 30 years are envisaged for “death or injury as a result of crimes relating to illegal immigration“.

Among the obstacles that the prime minister has to dodge on this front are the constant criticisms of the centre-left, combined with equally instrumental criticisms that sometimes come from abroad. Just in recent days, moreover, the disrespectful attacks of the French minister Darmanin have arrived against Meloni. Returning to the regrettable episode of diplomatic improprietythe prime minister said today: “I had spoken to Macron the day before, after which I have to tell you how I see it because everything seems to me quite discrepancy between private and public interlocutions, it seems to me that it is more a matter of internal French politics though caution advice about using other governments to settle the scores of internal politics, because it is something that is not normally done“.

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