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Weather too cold, some tips to protect yourself, especially outside

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Weather too cold, some tips to protect yourself, especially outside

Winter has now arrived in Italy and is it necessary to protect yourself from the frost? The Civil Protection has collected some suggestions to combat the cold during the winter, starting from the right clothes up to the prevention of any seasonal diseases. In this article we will examine the fundamental tips that can help us spend a calm winter and protected from any unforeseen events related to harsh climatic conditions. Let’s find out how to properly prepare before the arrival of cold weather,

Appropriate clothing

Wearing suitable clothing is essential to prevent the cold. Wool or fleece clothing should be preferred, which allows you to retain body heat and better resist lower temperatures. Wearing jackets and coats with high collars, elasticated cuffs and a hat can help avoid skin irritation from the wind chill. Clothing will have to be even heavier if snow or particularly intense frosts are involved. In this case, waterproof footwear, insulating gloves and respiratory protection for extreme temperatures are required. If possible, it would be useful to buy latest generation clothing, which is wind resistant but breathable; they represent a very comfortable solution in extreme climatic situations.

Use a heat generator

If the cold is really intense, heat generators (gloves, abdomen) are available for sale. These prove to be an excellent method of protecting yourself from extreme winter frost. This especially if you are on vacation in a freezing mountain location.

This solution can be ideal if you live in a particularly cold area of ​​Italy and go out very early in the morning, or if you have to stay outdoors for a long time during the winter. First of all, make sure your generator is approved and positioned correctly.

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By following these simple guidelines, you will be able to deal with the cold outside in a less unpleasant way.

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