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Weather, who saves Cyclone Circe: “Strong instability but…”, where the heat resists

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Weather, who saves Cyclone Circe: “Strong instability but…”, where the heat resists

After a long heat wave, it looks like hail and thunderstorms will soon have the upper hand. Cyclone Circe will take the place of the African anticyclone. The latest bulletin released by 3b meteo, in fact, announces the arrival of a period characterized by strong instability. In fact, in August, the African cyclone will be just a distant memory. According to what the experts write, the perturbations that began to affect the northern regions of the Italian peninsula were only the incipit of an Atlantic front. We must therefore prepare for a real turnaround.

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As the meteorologists claim on the site 3bmeteo.com, the first day of the month of August was marked by alternating high temperatures in the centre-south and rain and wind in the north. The areas most affected by the storms were those “those between Lombardy and the Triveneto”, while in the rest of Italy “anticyclonic conditions of an Afro-Mediterranean matrix” as well as bringing the prevailing sun have also caused temperatures to rise again to the threshold of 40 °C. On Wednesday 2 August, in the north the weather will be “mostly sunny except for morning and daytime clouds over the Alpine and pre-Alpine sectors associated with some isolated rain in the afternoon”. At the Center “clear or slightly cloudy skies prevail with some scattered clouds over northern Tuscany and in the afternoon along the Apennines but with little likelihood of phenomena”. In the South, then, the weather will be “clear or partly cloudy except for daytime gatherings in the Apennines but with little probability of phenomena. Temperatures will increase slightly further”, reads the website.

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On Thursday 3 August, however, instability will be a constant factor throughout the peninsula. In the North, the weather will be uncertain from the morning, “with showers and thunderstorms intensifying and spreading between the afternoon and evening”. At the center expected “a few blocks of rain”. The South, on the other hand, will keep temperatures high. Meteorologists, however, warn: there may be “gathering in Campania, locally associated in the afternoon with some showers along the Apennines”.

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