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Web Marketing Festival, the future of the digital world in Rimini

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Web Marketing Festival, the future of the digital world in Rimini

The 2022 edition of the Web Marketing Festival has kicked off, yes held in Rimini from 16 to 18 June. The event has reached its tenth year and from 2013 to today the festival has seen the participation of people and the attention of professionals grow year after year, also changing, at least in part, skin and expanding the themes to everything related to the ‘digital and social innovation.

Not just video games

Milan Games Week & Cartoomics is finally back live

by Alessandra Contin

This year proposes a very broad and varied agendawith over 100 events over the three days for different themes: art, business, cinema, culture, music and entertainment, networking and, in particular, training, which has always been central to the event.

Over 600 guests and speakers to explore the different themes linked to innovation by a single thread. This is most likely the largest event dedicated to digital and social innovation in Italy.

Great emphasis will be given to the themes of AI and robotics; from the first live meeting with Robot Sophia, the most advanced humanoid machine in the world came directly from Hong Kong, to the IIT project documented over the years by WMF iCub, told by Daniele Pucci – Head of Artificial and Mechanical Intelligence – up to the presence on stage of the mechanical dog of the Boston Dynamics Spot, brought on stage by prof. Bojan Jerbi? of the Robotics Department of the FSB in Zagreb and involved in the projects of the WMF International Roadshow which anticipated the June event throughout the year. It also presents the robot of the bomb squad of the State Police, which will show the public how to defuse a bomb.

The appointment

Mir Tech is back, the technology and services exhibition for music and entertainment

Technology and digital innovation remain the cornerstones of training and inspirational speeches of the WMF. This year the protagonists will be names of the caliber of Angelo Zinzi, technologist of the ASI (Italian Space Agency) who will illustrate the new technologies in the field of planetary defense, and Giorgio Metta, Scientific Director of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), who will speak of the institute’s projects on Innovative Research and Tech Transfer.

More than 90 institutional representatives will speak in over 17 panels, including Minister Giovannini, Undersecretaries of State Della Vedova and Costa, Councilor of Mipaaf Elio Catania, Deputies Barzotti, Carabetta, Invidia, Zanichelli, Bruno Bossio, Ianaro, Viscomi, the MEP Benifei and the Vice President of Emilia-Romagna Schlein. At WMF22, also the panel with the Mayors of the Municipalities part of the WMF HUBitat and the panels on the parliamentary hearings on AI and Digital Creators.

Instead, with Giuseppe Iacono, Coordinator of the Digital Republic – of which the WMF is an official member – we will talk about Digital Skills nowadays and on the strategic plan to fill the existing gap. It is no coincidence that the Digital Job Fair also takes place as part of the event, a set of events and initiatives dedicated to the job market and digital professions, to its professionals and the skills it requires.

Training on the topics of digital marketing and digital innovation also this year represents one of the main opportunities of the Digital Job Fair. After the last edition where the first national assessment on digital skills was also carried out, professionals and sector operators from Italy and the world will be able to train and expand their skills that can then be spent on the digital job market. HR and Smart Working, fintech, edutech, martech, but also SEO, Social Media marketing and Communication, are just some of the topics covered in the training rooms.

A Work, HR and Digital Skills training room is also planned, dedicated to the study and efficiency of Smart Working and the human resources sector in the digital environment, to manage and integrate skills and professionalism? ICT within companies.

In short, a really important appointment for the exchange of knowledge and the learning of new skills, as shown by the word cloud and the tag cloud, the clouds with the 120 terms most associated with conversations relating to #wmf2022and the 100 most used hashtags to “brand” conversations.

Online conversations that in the first day saw Nino Cartabellotta, President of the Gimbe Foundation as the protagonist, who spoke on the topic of the dissemination of scientific evidence against anti-scientific disinformation. Naturally very hot topic. And in fact, at the time of writing this article, he is the one who posted the content that generated the most engagement.

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