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Weight Loss Diet Health » Asparagus in its Own Steam – Photo Art – Curried Sweet Potato Skillet – Heavy Oil Joy

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Weight Loss Diet Health » Asparagus in its Own Steam – Photo Art – Curried Sweet Potato Skillet – Heavy Oil Joy

Recipes have long been about the quality of presentation – and sometimes the differences are not even noticeable.
Then it is important to show how important preparation is when cooking, even if the result does not last long.
Thoughts on “photography and self-esteem” are certainly still in their infancy. We could also further develop the topics “daisies on the plate” and “creative visions for the holidays of the future”.

Asparagus in their own steam

Asparagus in a steamer – you can do that; here I had protected the asparagus with baking paper, because dripping condensation water is actually unavoidable, but it’s not a drama either.

Steam pressure preparation remains the simplest method; here there was only a little salt, shaved hard cheese, a little butter, two teaspoons of olive oil and nothing else except a clove of garlic that, when sliced, had studded two spears of asparagus: one almost revolutionary method of preparation, so to speak.

But you should be careful with such adjectives – in the past it was considered revolutionary to take digital photographs, today it is so normal that you can also work with two digital devices:

Small differences crept in on the two photos – even if they turned out smaller than expected with two cameras and one zoom lens with autofocus and one fixed focal length with manual focus adjustment.

There is also an enlarged view of the second asparagus photo. A special software has put together several photos from an extended brightness spectrum, so that e.g. B. can be seen even more in the shadows, which most viewers don’t notice.

“If you want photos to count as ‘art’, you have to declare them art.”

Who said that?

About the gradual creation of an unusually tasty, vegan and versatile sweet potato dish

About the gradual manufacture the thoughts while speaking. If you want to know something and cannot find it through meditation, I advise you to…”

These are thoughts of the writer Heinrich von Kleist from the 1805s, who completely ignore today’s communication obstacle “chattering” and idealize an assumed ideal state:

“… lo and behold, when I talk to my sister about it, which ones
sits behind me and works, that’s how I find out what I wouldn’t have found out even if I had brooded for hours…”

Today’s reality can also mean: “Just tell as much as you want – your sister won’t even pretend to listen!”

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It’s just a matter of showing that a halfway new dish doesn’t just fall out of the sky and needs a certain amount of preparation to succeed:

The “graphic list of ingredients” can also be viewed in a larger representation. The following applies: “I have already prepared something here – it starts with the peeled and cut sweet potatoes, continues with the prepared chili flakes, in the white cup is marinating tofu (with soy sauce, ginger, salt, balsamic vinegar, garlic) , red and yellow peppers cut into wedges make an appearance, as do a little thawed pineapple, a jar of coconut milk, a jar of grated coconut oil (home-made preserve), red curry paste, and a few Chinese cabbage leaves.

Such an extensive preparation for cooking is, to put it with a test image:

The sweet potato-coconut-curry-vegetable pan has happily made it to the plate, and from there to the digital sensor. However, it will not survive its consumption – but that’s okay, because the way the world works: A constant coming and going, becoming and passing away.

Since we almost always, constantly and almost compulsively evaluate everything, we want to stay true to this habit and let a test image speak the judgement:

Great photos, on the other hand, are, to put it bluntly, taken for granted by the public and of course not rewarded; Whoever comes in front of the lens is “portrayed”, also under the motto “Curvy Models (1) – accept the body as it is | Curvy Models (2) – with photos to more self-esteem”

Silvana Thinkers Motto “With photos to more self-esteem” is, however, a matter of interpretation and not per se (automatically, in itself) to be understood as the pure truth. It gets complicated when it comes to distinguishing between “plus-size” and “curvy”, retouching is not excluded, and the “male plussized models” are usually dressed in the finest clothes because it’s about investing in fashion.

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Daisies on the plate

“Of the daisies are Leaves, buds and flowers are edible. It is suitable as an ingredient and/or edible decoration for savory and sweet dishes. Raw, for example, in salads, spreads, herb stews or cooked in many vegetable dishes such as soup or spinach.”

The mindful world rescue

“Self-reflection” and vanity are involuntarily thought of together, and it’s not far from there to “narcissism”.
Psychologists and male mental health professionals are supposed to help with problems at work, in a partnership or with the “work-life balance” – which is very common – but “psychology will not save the world“.
Maybe mindfulness exercises and meditation help to get through the day – otherwise, says the psychologist Thorsten Padberg at Deutschlandfunk, we should rather take to the streets and demonstrate for a better society.
The idea is as qualified as a recipe for a potato casserole where the list of ingredients says “potatoes plus other stuff” – but it’s nice that we’ve thought of possible demonstrations again!

At the end it says:

“If we do something together, dealing with the abysses of the soul becomes a sideshow. Psychology won’t save the world, we actually have to do it ourselves. We can do that, too, if we look at life out there instead of our inner life.”

The bold statement makes you forget that it’s also about the inner workings of our prevented comrades-in-arms goes. They dream of having a lot and being that way, if necessary they take long-distance vacations on the heavy oil-fuelled cruise fleet and want to be spoiled, they isolate themselves in the ghetto of pseudo-privileged environmental sinners, whom should we meet without envy and with empathy?

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There was a recent report on ZDF about the AIDA ships, and I find it unbelievable that 5,000 passengers could be on such a monster (and imagine these funny painted “pots” in Nato matt gray!) want to be cooped up.

And then the buffet: “All you can binge”!

The photo is from an older article that has the topic “Photography”. One can consider that e.g. For example, today’s photographic creativity does not have to fail due to technology. More should develop in the sector, even if “cultural promotion” is still not pursued in the service of any emancipation or knowledge.

Art and analysis should show alternatives – the alternative to heavy oil and hardly less harmful LNG drives is called “wind”.
The alternative to walks, which are needed as a balancing pampering, would be educational trips on modern sailing ships, where the participants lend a hand. From the point of view of global justice and equal opportunities, there is a real swarming on the oceans coming to the world

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