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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Babylon Diet, Permanence of Enlightenment or Perplexity?

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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Babylon Diet, Permanence of Enlightenment or Perplexity?

About diet-related helplessness – stage-ready public instruction – tempeh fillet pieces – what bowls show us – the mini-mimimi manifesto – the wealth distribution disorder – enlightenment at the end? – Contracts, Reliability and Breaches –

Anyone who does not know the difference between “diet”, “dietology”, “dietetics”, “and “diet ethics” has many ignorant fellow sufferers and the explanation that “something like this” is usually not talked about.
But one likes to chat and the others ramble on so much that one does not know anything specific, but one believes in it, does not contradict when fasting is justified with “detoxification”, even the “healthy whole food” suffers from the unfaithfulness of its followers, one should not all beat a bar, i.e. do not suggest a special diet to anyone and certainly not prescribe it.

Die yellow rose as a cultivated detail of nature that we should never forget, even when thinking or talking about human imperfections.

Recently, two comedians(?) said that anyone who doesn’t like the program should get their admission fee back and leave: a viewer had bothered them with the question when the cabaret actually started.

Before the intervention, the two of them had talked so splendidly about diet, obesity and anorexia that it amounted to lecturing the audience, with portions of self-pity – in other words, a great stage-ready, cabaret work-up that has its market value. The related TAZ magazine:

Serdar Somuncu and Florian Schroeder earn money with jokes. They both don’t have a sense of humor though…

I imagine it would be funny to bring the program item “Detox with the herbal fasting soup” on stage, like a small town cabaret event. One could combine this with Christian myths (last supper), whereby the example of Brecht’s petty bourgeois wedding should be taken into account for the presentation. But then live and in front of an audience, not in front of video cameras.

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Pizza and burgers from the pizzeria can also contribute to obesity – in addition to alcohol and too little exercise. As Somuncu pointed out, it all comes down to the right balance and in general, as a young, athletic person, he could have “eated like a barn thresher without gaining the slightest weight”. That sounds like a little private myth, the myth includes the tragic hero (rarely the tragic heroine, because women don’t do this dragon slayer stress) and so we come to the tempeh burger, here one Burger with patty made from fermented chickpeas:

There are quite a few alternatives to soybeans for tempeh, even Quinoa is for Tempeh used, although not in the usual German kitchen.

This German cuisine is threatened with disintegration and dissolution, currently “the” “mixed Italian salad” is threatened by the fashion of putting “bowls” on the tables. Salad is to bowl as skittles are to bowling; in the article “Eating from bowls“It says “Bowls are not filling and above all show … the triumph of capitalism”.

So it’s time for a Manifesto for the preservation of our kitchen. However: “… a generally accepted definition [von „Manifest„] does not exist”, and no one has to “remind the Chancellor: “Reverse damage from the German people””.

Nobody seems to want the latent motives behind what Schwarzer and Wagenknecht “manifest”. knowledge. “Let there be negotiations” is a pious wish, but not an analysis of the situation.

The question of which world we live in also includes the secondary question of who is contaminating the world, and I will let a graphic “speak” about this:

Speech destruction and the inability to listen

In the end there is already one Manifest, which also conveys the question of survival under halfway just conditions – but who conveys this manifesto? Which didactically competent educators enthusiastically shout “I” when asked this question, and why not?

“Without a breakthrough to moral reason… there will be no next century, I fear – a call to hope today is a call to resistance. “

The Citation does not come from a manifesto, but from the speech that Max Frisch gave: “At the end of the Enlightenment stands the golden calf”.

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The enlightenment at the end? That contradicts the idea of ​​enlightenment as such, the idea of ​​the permanently required mental work, the permanent enlightenment, which also penetrates into the depths of the “spirit”!

We allow ourselves to look out of focus, to ignore guilt, violence and injustice and reject “any admonitions”. Are so trimmed for non-perception that some serious words are doubted and exposed to the suspicion of being fake.
Egon Bahr was probably real “… of the opinion that Putin is a calculating head of state who is considering whether he actually has partners for reliable agreements on cooperation. Basically, the West is now faced with the question of whether it wants to strive for security with Russia or security from Russia.
Maybe some “dirty ones” will come soon Deals‘ that involve a truce, but all of this suggests that this ability to see the other person’s point of view, even for a moment, is all too rare.
The ability to absorb and internalize admonishing words about ecology should also grow:

Guterres has pushed the limits of his linguistic possibilities here, but our politics behaves as if we had programmed limitless racing into the German genes and don’t hear a thing.
“Primacy of the climate”
is not weak thinking in one, maximum 2 dimensions. Of course, it is not easy to see and understand “the whole thing”; it is a criminal omission to ignore this difficulty and look at the details. Example?

kitchen and cooking

An amateur video is dedicated, perhaps not following all the rules of today’s video clip creation, to the question of
power consumption oven, small oven, pressure cooker and slow cooker. Test subjects were four squashes of approximately equal weight that were cooked.
The power consumption varied between 0.18 Kwh and 1.22 Kwh during the test, and you can guess which device is the most efficient. In the video, the resolution comes at min. 20.

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Pasta rolls or rolled Maultaschen

Such a “Coiled Noodle’ is a fairly efficient way of processing pasta dough. I used the pasta machine here, put two pieces of thin dough together on the wide side, added the filling, rolled them up and put them in the pressure cooker or in a steamer. Multicooker they were done in a good quarter of an hour. Covering the roll with tomato slices ensures nothing is too dry.
The production process is described several times on the Internet, e.g. B. at Kathi.

By the way: “Humanity is finished“ was the motto of Herbert Gruhl, the founder of BUND, as early as 1992. From his book “A planet is plundered” here is a final one Citation:

“The concreting of soil, almost always fertile soil, by residential buildings, public buildings, industrial plants and highways is almost irreversible

The waste heat would certainly be irreversible if energy production was ruthlessly pushed forward until the practical consequences could no longer be stopped. The absolute peak of the change in the global climate would only occur with a delay of a few years.”

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