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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Climate neutrality, gender neutrality, sauerkraut for everyone!

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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Climate neutrality, gender neutrality, sauerkraut for everyone!

There is little evidence of “climate neutrality” in the food sector, I think:

Without spinach from Italy, tomatoes from Spain and so on, we could scrap thousands of trucks!

Fewer transports and we would have less to worry about.

#berlin2030klimaneutral – that was probably nothing with the participation in the referendum, and conditionally “the climate movement” has such a disservice proven.

  • Voter turnout was 35.8 percent.

The referendum, according to which Berlin should become climate-neutral by 2030, has failed.

The mobilizers might have mobilized too little, might have been too few, or were and are the capital’s residents stoic skeptics, depoliticized cowards, something with “opportunistic”, with the unconscious conviction that “it” depends on their contribution does not go down well because they are only desired as an audience, not as participants?

There is said to have been a kind of “election party” before the count was established, at which pizza with vegan cheese was delivered (and eaten) in a cardboard box. If the pizza is too “dry”, you can rinse it off with non-alcoholic vodka. Those who are quite sensitive recognize hints of decadence and a claim to superiority.

Panierter Brockoli

is particularly tasty if the breading consists of old sourdough rye bread, grain and olive rolls from your own leftovers. Served with a sauce made from fermented coconut milk, rapeseed oil, mustard, fresh turmeric, “spicy” cucumber vinegar, garlic and salt.

It’s worth making more of this sauce than you currently need, so you’ll have a salad dressing or dipping sauce on hand. Note: There are no preservatives here, but a limited shelf life!

The response to the “climate actions” varies – there are also voices like

“Maybe you don’t stick to the streets and start campaigns that you understand.”

Naming the “understandable actions” – that’s still missing. If traffic is blocked, the wrong ones think they are being fought as enemies and act as if they themselves have to eliminate the UHU climate glue terrorists. We just need actions that reward positive approaches.

Such address label for the Print out and stick on yourself are just an idea, but one of many.

“Action” seems more considered than “pure action”, is more long-term, more strategic than activism. Action must also overcome resistance, even “rethinking” is like action, makes it possible. Action must be linked action –

that’s how many people it takes to make a satirical television show.

A “Mr. Nuhr” should have, or should have, questioned himself, but he – self-righteous – didn’t want to or couldn’t, and so he was parodied, together with his circus staff.

Here one snippet from the satirical satire with Sophie Berger as Milli Probst Lisa Eckhart parodied and their overemphasized gestures and facial expressions imitated like this:

“It’s probably no coincidence that it’s always the most lapdog degenerate, nail-varnished men who discover feminism.”

Coincidentally or not, a touch more “feminism” or, even better, much more emancipatory thinking and acting would be liberating for both sexes and someone who dismisses “feminine men” in such a way is not a feminist, even if “feminism” is printed three times on her business card and/or or is embossed.

Feminists and vegans can now enjoy a yoghurt-fermented almond spread – here decoration suggestion.

More men than women earn their living in the catering industry by providing for others. This fact doesn’t really jibe with staid gender stereotypes, and if a chef should paint their fingernails, so be it.

When the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection saves energy in the kitchen Mann am Herd can be mapped, this has little to do with saving energy because it does not Multicooker used.

When jokes about Jews are made on the cabaret stage, it shows the bad taste of right-wing pranksters. With a few exceptions, like this catholic Judenwitz

Wedding in the village.

The pastor and the local rabbi sit across from each other while eating.
“Well, Rabbi,” says the pastor, “when will I experience
that you eat such a delicious big pork schnitzel?”

The rabbi replies: “At your wedding, Reverend.
At your wedding.”

Homemade apple sauerkraut with tofu, onions and parsley. Meat-free can be quite normal.
Rabbi, pastor and Imman can access without worry.

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