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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Cooking with the Heat Pump – Looming Sour Vegetable Law – Rain Dances –

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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Cooking with the Heat Pump – Looming Sour Vegetable Law – Rain Dances –

Anyone who is currently wondering aboutheat pumps“ If you’re upset and don’t actually understand what’s happening, I would only tell you that there’s no reason to get excited and that a (heat) compressor has probably been working reliably inside a fridge or freezer for a long time in the household of the worried person.

And besides, politicians are neither plumbers nor merchants, and they sometimes shift the decimal places and create panic, mercilessly create atmosphere to make war on their “enemies”.

Some politicians are demanding, because they find the demand successful, that the heating system has to match the house and not the other way around. Climate policy is being blocked with sophistry – categorizing civil disobedience as organized crime and shutting down websites are current delicacies that the parents of the Basic Law could hardly approve of.

The universal policy would be to demand: “Nutrition must suit people and not vice versa”. Incidentally, with regard to climate relevance, the basic supply of organic food would be x times more effective than a speed limit, but it would still make sense.

A salad is to be made with these and other ingredients. If the food revolution is to come true, we need more fermented vegetables; here on the right edge of the bowl, lactic acid carrots and parsnips. The following applies:

“You don’t even have the right to have others listen to what you say. You can only advertise, admonish, explain, demonstrate, seek majorities and influence political decisions through elections. Or stand for election yourself.”

If it were that easy – it would just be easy. But the laws of the attention economy also apply, the “right of the loudest” applies, in the “battle of the generations” someone constantly violates the unwritten rules of dialogue, so that the worst climate polluters get away with it, while others freeze from the rising air temperatures social coldness.

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Many flowers are not very demanding, so frugal. Sure, there is growth, but old things also die. They are “grateful” and they don’t emanate social coldness, unlike many of our fellow citizens, who are primarily trained in human disinterest.

In order for it to be appropriate we need regulations, so if it becomes one Sour Vegetable Act comes – and the research on the human biome says: “Living food must be”, we also need an associated, modern purity law to formulate the food bureaucrats however, overslept.

In order not to disturb their sleep, artistically valuable honey pumps are given the label “Not suitable for human consumption” – for the “refrigerant” used for temperature control, separate disposal regulations apply, which are regulated by secret ballot.

If one headline reads “At gunpoint against superglue”, the other counters: “The rule of law cannot be dancing on the nose„.

Everyone has now understood that and also that no rain falls from dancing has arrived in the consciousness.

The transfer of knowledge e.g. However, B. to the Spanish drought does not lead to the renunciation of peppers and tomatoes from Spanish zero rain areas – it will have to do with the anatomy of the brain that

  • “Fewer”
  • „Fasten“
  • “waive”

can have two opposite, fully valid meanings in one and the same personality, whereby the purchase option in the supermarket regularly prevails. Despite it:

“If the socio-ecological transformation of the economy and society is to succeed, then we must learn to do without.”

What Marcel Fratzscher formulated so calmly two years ago is by no means voluntary practice – and the most effective resource consumers in particular need the right help when it comes to doing without.

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The title of the picture: “Flower, Cat, Camera”. That has more to do with potential than with renunciation, with Reflection, love of nature and creativity.

Most of the following ingredients are indispensable for vegan mini dumplings:

durum wheat semolinaone fifth of vegetables in variable proportions (spinach leaves, onions, leeks), white bread (wheat flourwater, table salt, yeast), water, 8% wheat protein product (water, textured wheat protein (wheat protein, wheat flour)), parsley, rapeseed oil, starch, table salt, sugar, pea fiber, spices, stabilizer: (sodium acetate, sodium citrate, ascorbic acid), spice extracts, glucose syrup.

The mixed salad with vegan mini dumplings is now ready and – yes, it tastes good too! There’s not a lot to be seen of the sauce made from vegetable broth, olive oil, mustard, balsamic vinegar, garlic and salt, but everything except the romaine lettuce and the “Maultaschen” had been marinated in it for some time.
Bread, rolls or baguette are recommended as supplements.

Are recipes like this proof that there are not only hurdles, but also help for “critical eaters”? So what’s the point of “climate activists” sticking to the street for a second, why don’t they stand together on the side of obese people in the diet kitchen, how limited does the general horizon have to be if nobody can relate more than two things at the same time?

Photo related to Hessian dialect from the old days: from the High German diet instruction “Eat half / don’t eat”, which is still known today as try Medium is traded, the dialect “Fress-net” is created, which sounds onomatopoeic to Internet-related digital networking.
Emerging daffodils in the background suggest the connection to “narcissism,” the meaning of which is more diverse than one might think. The “WWW”, i.e. world-wide-web, is also too Hessian

  • How come?
  • Where, then?
  • What then?
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The question “How do you want to get the world rescue baked?” would be an expression of expectations, also of excessive demands. The questioners must also become doers: “Who will build the new world if not you and I?
And if you want to understand me now, then you understand me”.

These “cliques” do not want to admit that our pugnacious and divided leadership ranks have long since been affected by the increasingly difficult climate.

When Söder vehemently opposes the ban on child-related candy advertising in order to sanitize parental authority, this is no coincidence and not the result of sensible, insightful reflection. It is the purest thinking away, away from the actual problems towards pseudo problems.

Parents should decide whether children get sweets„.

At the latest when the children choose Kinder-Handkäse as their favorite food, the limitations of parental decision-making power become apparent.

The hope remains that the family council will find a good solution when it meets. Or one of the countless company councils, or a topic-focused “civil dialogue”. There are thousands of topics…

Analogous to the proven village beautification associations, district initiatives “Our living space should become more (climate) friendly” should be set up. The great thing is that we have more creative ideas for surviving in the crises than we can perceive and implement.

Just stupid that it could cost up to €300,000 to pump up such a modest home, and even stupider that Markus told me that.

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