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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Diet Policy, The Miracle of Melting, Meatless Recipe Examples, Concern and Change that Can Be Made

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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Diet Policy, The Miracle of Melting, Meatless Recipe Examples, Concern and Change that Can Be Made

“Healthy eating” as tasty, easily prepared food, is an ideal – it is tried as “food for the nerves”, presented as new, presented as a slimming aid.
Food policy takes place in a conflict-ridden, crisis-ridden environment, contributes to the emergencies, is a difficult, tense topic, but also exciting and sometimes amazingly simple.

“Nutrition” is sometimes something completely normal, then again something fraught with conflict, or something very special, or what makes you healthy:

Surely you can expand the stew from the day before;

here for one Bean stew with steamed beetroot, egg and smoked tofu. Elsewhere it goes under “use of leftovers‘ and is celebrated unduly…

If meanwhile one Kimchi cheese sandwich as “nerve food” is traded, the only thing missing is the right Asian shop nearby, which then doesn’t have the rich selection of fresh or perfectly ripe kimchi varieties; The Spiegel author Verena Lugert talks around the possibility of letting the sauerkraut relatives ferment at home, but she does so beautifully and euphoniously:

“If you like, you can put a little hot Dijon mustard thinly on the bread, then kimchi, then the cheese, grill it all or fry it, let the miracle of melting happen, the delicate bubbles and bubbles of the cheese, which browns and caramelizes in some places will when it hits the hot pan. A few chilli or hot pepper rings on top, spring onions and a handful of fresh and aromatic coriander leaves.”

The Plate of fermented tofu is only available here as an archived file if it actually existed. After all, presenting recipes, recipe ideas and nutritional examples to the public is a science in itself – the photos can be designed as postcard motifs, and if someone asks what that’s supposed to be, it’s paradoxical art, which one is happy to explain:

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Nobody transports you for free plate of food, at the post office it costs postage, and the service in the restaurant or at home also asks for a fee. But those who serve earn little (in the restaurant), higher civil servants or officials earn more, while poverty increases:

“Food and energy companies made … billions of dollars in windfall profits last year. At the same time, extreme poverty increased again.”

The ones with the crises increased social inequality becomes another crisis that we don’t need; Wealth and excess profits await the things that should come as “fair (high, noticeable) taxation”. The comments on the article found this:

“But income from work up to € 50,000 / year tax-free.
WORK must be worthwhile again, not cutting the coupon!”

To tax the work. is perhaps an effective way to limit services, repairs become disproportionately expensive, and the goods anyway. Sometimes “health” becomes unaffordable if the drug is not covered by health insurance, but whether drugs are the real solution is often questionable.

Do we still need a trend drug – for example for “quick weight loss”, or do we need better role models that show us a healthy lifestyle and don’t blame us? Who read the Ozempic article of “Vogue“ reads, can also read how “being slim” works:

Hanna Buehrle probably doesn’t need Semaglutid, has a green smoothie for breakfast (why not with it algae-Addendum?), in the evening there is tempeh with rice, although she finds the disposable tempeh packaging just as annoying as some plastic cheese wrappers annoy me. If we were neighbours, I would give them away from waste-free Tempeh nibble.

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“We consumers demand zero-waste food” – that would be the motto of a forward-looking mass campaign that makes it clear that today’s packaging is tomorrow’s actually dispensable waste.

“Lützerath” is not the main ordeal of the eco-republic of Germany, in addition to “coal power generation” as an aspect of the energy problem, we also have the well-known speed problems, excessive meat consumption, health care costs, social gaps, lack of education and the increasing political population -alienation problem.

“Speaking plainly” would mean naming the problems instead of suppressing them, renunciation and innovation cause instead of just increased efficiency demand, to encourage personal initiative instead of leaving the range of consumer goods to corporations that issue dividends like they do with Co2; If “…every employed person…earns at most five times the minimum wage [dürfte ]…”, we would be that common good probably closer than before.

Ricarda Lang called for faster expansion of renewable energies and more efficiency in energy consumption – in concrete terms, this means e.g. B. the comprehensive use of the Multicookerswhich includes celebrities setting a good example.

Fry a finely diced onion with a few crushed garlic cloves in plenty of good oil, then add diced zucchini, peppers, grated turmeric & crushed chili pepper with seeds, add white wine and vegetable stock and cook on low steam pressure for 11 minutes.
Stir in miso paste, 1 teaspoon soy sauce & salt and serve with spiral noodles.
Larger view in new tab

Once you have cooked a lentil-mushroom ragout in relatively small portions, it will be available to you in no time and can be cooked in the multicooker’s “steam bath” within 12 be ready to serve in minutes.

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While the above is reheating, frying and salting the fresh mushrooms is doable, and tossing up a Greek yogurt with a few grains of salt, too.

The next article will be about one or the other meat alternative, about the more exciting aspects in addition to all the “substitute production” that buying has obviously already become a matter of prestige.

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