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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Fressnet – the anti-charlatan anti-obesity cure

If society has its way, there is no obesity epidemic and consequently ineffective treatments for individual cases are sufficient, the other individual cases are to blame and should cure themselves on their own responsibility.

Books or other writings that promise “successfully lose weight” are permanent bestsellers, even if they have to be replaced again and again because, despite everything, they become slow sellers.
Incidentally, the word “success” includes the “consequence(s)”, i.e. no success without something preceding it, be it an action, a decision or a decision.

If a scientific publisher also presents a special issue with this simple knitting pattern, that doesn’t have to be a good thing. However, I played with the headlines a bit and addressed an unpleasant “side effect” that rarely occurs.

We are happy to assume that changing circumstances are part of losing weight, such as a “new” lifestyle, a fitness holiday, a change – and we have usually had good experiences with this, but very rarely linear progress. There are weeks in which great progress is made and others in which nothing happens. There can also be steps backwards – then it becomes difficult.

a dr Hirschhäuser (name changed) offers the “Simply Slim” special issue and promises to explain

“Like you just bad habits
change and lose weight successfully.
Plus findings of psychology,
that help with rebooting.”

“Simply slim (become)” or “successfully lose weight” must be such a widespread desire that recipes for this cliché spread, as do the other widespread prejudices or resentments. However, whether the recipes of conjurers and con artists keep what they promise should actually be checked carefully.

Psychological insights such as “Most people don’t know what they want, so they’re busy with what they don’t want, and that’s what they get” is available free of charge on every corner, e.g. B. “Everyone is responsible for his own fortune, and how you make your bed is how you lie down” – something like that.

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And because no success would also mean to be a failure, one perhaps doesn’t set out on the goal at all, or tries it, supported by a doctor for everything human-medical, who is probably also supposed to impart psychological knowledge, on the scientifically guided path.

Whether this “tour guide” offers necessary philosophical, pedagogical or even “spiritual” tools in addition to his psycho-news, which you don’t even know yet whether they are important – this question does not even arise with all the travel fever. One subscribes to a travel guide, so to speak, in order to get out of the given difficulties.

Baron Münchhausen showed us what it would be like to pull yourself out of the swamp by your own bootstraps, and according to his example we are still shown an X for a U…

Münchhausen even managed to raise not only himself, but also the horse at the same time – boasting about alleged brilliant achievements is more discreet today. Most of the time, less is said about one’s own brilliant achievement, when selling tall tales it’s about the effortless success that can be achieved, i.e. eating without regrets, without giving up, without “no”, according to the motto “You can”. Such a “No” is the classic example of a pedagogical intervention with the tenor “you mustn’t do that”; clear that children are not allowed to put the knitting needle in the socket and are not allowed to reach for the hot stove.

In contrast, in the “diet antipedagogic” slogans such as “bans are forbidden” come to light, presumably because it is accepted with fewer contradictions than bans, for which one must at least reckon with a “why”. That you can also exaggerate the justifications is another matter, especially when it comes to individual and socially hazardous health risks, mass diseases such as obesity and everything that comes from it developed“like” to be repressed

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To put it bluntly, radical vegans would prefer to ban beefsteak tomatoes.

Just the sight of raw meat forces many to cover their eyes:

The reality of the meat industry does not really allow for any “business as usual” in relation to the suffering of the animals, the exploitation of the people and the outrageous consumption of resources. Habitat destruction – especially deforestation – and industrialized agriculture have brought meat consumption and a guilty conscience closer together. In contrast, the philosophical justification of veganism does not correspond to “… Michael Sontheimers Analyse“that media products have to be very consumable and flat in order to fulfill their economic purpose”.

If we were better equipped with magical abilities, we could simply cast or witch these contradictions away. Even the children’s channel sympathizes with this idea:

It is no coincidence that “Miracles Always Happen” was a hit, and the mass consumption of diet advice proves that such forms of belief in miracles are widespread, alongside all sorts of private superstitions such as “losing weight” occurring on an exemplary straight line.

Knowledge makes powerful, and highly processed foods such as chips, sausage or cornflakes make fat. Those who still make mistakes in this vicious circle, in which sugared drinks can play a part, have to get out of it; wishing it is not enough.

Speaking of disenchanting – here is the non-magical formula for losing weight, as I said, not a magic formula – it seems to be if you stick to it.

What matters is the difference (“delta”, symbolized by the triangle Δ) between the “calories in” (“cal”) and the “expended” (consumed) calories, where “cal_in” is smaller (“<”) than “ cal_out" has to be.

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That’s not to say it’s about counting calories. Some can, some can’t. You could also count and log the portions, sometimes there is a feeling of “over-control”.

There are eating disorders that are based on the alternating field of control and rebellion; whether someone has an eating disorder or not depends on whether the behavior is beneficial or harmful to their health – there are socially determined eating disorders that hardly ever exist systemic are treated, instead discussion posts where “the cat bites its own tail”, even if the better, recently recommended action model does not work:

Obesity: Smaller meals more effective than intermittent fasting

Such studies are flawed anyway: Sometimes the small portions are larger than small, sometimes the fasting phase is only fast survived without food, i.e. snacking in between is forbidden and is therefore kept secret. It’s nothing new that many products are so “sophisticated” that once you’ve started you can’t stop.

With these Blinis (with blueberry cream quark cream) will not be the last of their kind – they will definitely be back on the table soon.

In the case of us, the cyclical waxing and waning is probably not as regular and “different from the laws” of the moon – but it might be good to know more about it. We know little about attraction and repulsion, balanced centrifugal forces, and most importantly, how it all came about.

And how we want-should-can continue will be discussed here soon.

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