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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Great Vegan Ottolenghi Ragú and a lot of effort for the nutritional revolution

by admin
Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Great Vegan Ottolenghi Ragú and a lot of effort for the nutritional revolution

Yotam Ottolenghi, Israeli celebrity chef, cookbook author, owner of four restaurants in London, is quite popular with food bloggers and home cooks and as a result his recipes are extensively replicated and showcased. On the occasion of the food blog balance sheet, I found him while browsing “climate-friendly cooking.of‘ with a recipe for ‘vegan ragú according to Ottolenghi’ – and coincidentally almost all the necessary ingredients were on hand.

There are several, partly identical “Ottolenghi Ragú” versions, including as Video by Eva Birngruber; she has already prepared everything before she starts, “The chopping was a relaxing one [vorbereitende] Activity for one evening” is a commentary that exaggerates but also fits – following a hunch, I took a simple electric “food processor” out of the cupboard and set it up.

In this way I was able to crush, here to a certain extent “chaff” of

  • Mushrooms (champignons and dried mixed wild mushrooms)
  • onions
  • lenses
  • carrot
  • Garlic

of course accelerate significantly.

Preparation in the oven was also quicker than 80 minutes of preparation in the oven “Multicooker”. The “wet ingredients” were fried in plenty of olive oil for 10 minutes, then covered with liquid and steamed for 10 minutes.

After five minutes of cooling time, the pot can usually be opened without evaporating – taste, add the split lentils; after another 10 minutes of steaming, the ragout was ready.
I estimate the electricity savings with this type of preparation to be between €1.00 and €1.50.

Cooking “seasonal vegetables” and heating up the ragout was just a single step. Larger representation

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Because there was still some silken tofu to be processed, a mayonaise-like sauce was recently created here – simply by pureeing it with the addition of oil, vinegar, some mustard and spices. Incidentally, this sauce replaced the coconut cream in my ragout version and is here again together with “any potato salad”, Kimchi and steamed vegetables to look at:

Also here is the larger representation available ;-).

Is this what the much-needed #nutrition transition looks like? The question arises in this Connection:

In their coalition agreement, the SPD, Greens and FDP had agreed to launch an “immediate climate protection program” by the end of 2022. But that didn’t work. “All sectors must be decarbonized by 2045: agriculture, buildings, industry, power generation, transport,” said Habeck.

This means that ruminants that excrete methane are undesirable and milk, butter and cheese are disappearing? Let’s keep eating fast food, mood food, junk food, convienience food or is there real food?

“Live like God in France” can hardly be the claim that needs to be met here, but one more star cuisine – Why not?

Comparatively rustic, such a chicken broth with macaroni, sugar snap peas and “baby peppers”, especially quick to prepare because the vegetables are from the summer and were home-made. The soup deserves a * because the macaroni were really freshly prepared and didn’t come out of the package. But this is not meant to be pragmatic.


  1. The diet of the future will have noticeably less animal components; That can also start with baking Owner be replaced.
  2. Regionalizing food supply and nutrition cannot change the fact that neither coffee nor pineapples grow in this country – so there are global aspects. Creating transparency about how and under what conditions the goods are manufactured would be a nice start towards more and full “fair trade”.
    In the case of regional control, it must be taken into account that nutrition has a very strong impact on health, social and other aspects of life. There are local specialties that are worth protecting.
  3. One can argue about whether reduced tax rates make sense for which foods, but one can also use the #Basic organic food supply turn inside out
  4. Services in the food sector are rarely profitable according to the market laws of supply and demand, but they are valuable and necessary if we start from basic human needs.
  5. “Nutritional literacy” does not develop by itself. This is where staff, premises and infrastructure are needed to enable “learning by doing”.
  6. Nutritional counseling and therapy should better be used as a preventive measure, if possible not with a raised index finger, but perhaps with an exemplary prime minister emptying a beer in the marquee with less “publicity”.
  7. Public canteens are a real future project that is in the stars. That’s why little is known about it, only that the keyword “improvement of community catering” is actually imprecise, but becomes expensive and difficult if it becomes more concrete.
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If we translate the banner with “nutrition initiatives are growing together”, that at least results in a nice motto – “The (united) nutrition movement” can still come, as a joint project it shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all gimmick, it needs more interfaces than before.

From a socio-political point of view, there may occasionally be the insight that the undefeated epidemic called “obesity” is “eating up” too many resources, but who knows how to prescribe the individually correct or even the generally effective “cure”?

“If diets actually worked, you wouldn’t have to repeat them over and over again” – that may be a valid opinion – but that’s always true and it’s true for “Diet as a balanced lifestyle”?
There is a cross-departmental approach to nutrition strategy as well as to Dietetics theRelation to many scientific disciplines (…) such as B. medicine (nutritional medicine), pedagogy, psychology and sociology.”

There will certainly be many other scientific fields, at least biology and economics: that is what makes the transition to nutrition so complex…

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shivani March 10, 2023 - 6:35 am

Good article for the vegan group.
Will share this with my vegan friends.

Raj April 26, 2023 - 8:47 am

Great Article


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