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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Mega-Trend Fermentation, Wissing and joke word, kitchen fire

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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Mega-Trend Fermentation, Wissing and joke word, kitchen fire

Strong and hearty hand cheese – Chinese cabbage, kimchi-style – spelt, vegetables and kimchi paste – mega trend sauerkraut – “Shephard’s Pie” – long-distance food transport – Prometheus, the kitchen and openness to technology

If you pickle a mature hand cheese like this with lots of red wine herb vinegar, the best oils, salt and pepper, it’s not far removed from the “hard rock Mussick style”, which means that the “cheese” is so mature that it bubbles; for me it was an unknown phenomenon that I will taste in a few days. Whatever the pear is all about, it also comes down to it.

The instruction “Wash the Chinese cabbage leaves individually and hang them together over the sink to drain” does not come from the cookbook, but “grew on my crap”; Let’s jump back in time from this picture:

In the foreground fresh beetroot, peeled and cut into thin slices, naturally salted with a pinch of salt. Add garlic and peppercorns.
For the glasses in the background, the pear already shown is used along with a few snippets of beetroot: If you separate the leaf vein from the Chinese cabbage, you get two “Chinese cabbage fractions”: one is crunchy and thick, and the other is “thin and leafy”. These are then layered separately in their own glass and brushed with the pureed paste made from pear, beetroot and spices like kimchi and finally poured over and weighed down. Chicory is also incorporated into the glass at the back right, in order to uncover the mysterious bitter truth of kimchi.

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The kimchi paste is also good for adding flavor to a cooked spelt, here with frozen peas, canned corn and freshly diced carrot and parsley root. Some tofu from the pan goes well with this, but it doesn’t have to be.

The historical hype about environmentally friendly preserved sauerkraut that began in 2019 (“Sauerkraut … brings people together. Members of the Hebertshausen fruit and gardening association recently met for the “Sauerkraut campaign”. They mashed and cut the vegetables together. Great fun”) was probably only relevant locally – that could now change with a fresh mega sauerkraut hype ;-).

Here we find the herb in and around the “shepherd’s cake”, along with fermented carrot and ginger, which had already given most of its heat to the brine.

Most recipes for Shepherd’s Pie seem to call for firm, “classic” mashed potatoes – I’d used a “ready-to-eat half-and-half” mashed potato that didn’t use milk and butter, and everywhere we have this problem of removing producers and consumers who also find goods on the shelf that may have already been driven 700 kilometers on the motorway:

North Sea milk from Witzwort in the Rhein-Main area – perhaps Transport Minister Wissing can laugh at this joke; But it never occurs to him to do anything about nonsensical transports. You can also publish graphs showing the ecological grievances:

The chance of a high-ranking lottery hit is greater than the probability that Wissing will introduce a speed-limited motorway toll 😉 .
Equally unlikely is the resuscitation of a space-saving local transport system such as the Aerobus, of which there are only remnants and an old film document. “We are open to technology, open to technology, techno…”:
Imagine an enclosure with talking parrots that have all learned this phrase, and maybe “nolimit, nolimitno”.
That means they can babble about openness to technology, but when a new technology comes, it is prevented.

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With the old kitchen technique “fermentation”, on the other hand, everyone is free to use it:

This is a serving suggestion for “Handkäse with fermented beetroot” – zum pickled Low-fat cheese we’ll come.

With regard to such (kitchen) technologies, it remains to be seen that they sometimes succumb to fashion, sometimes remain misunderstood, sometimes die out for historical reasons, but sometimes they can also experience a “rebirth”.

The kitchen stove fired with logs is unquestionably no longer suitable for the masses, people are more likely to cook “inductively” or the energy-saving “multicooker” is used.

These and many other technologies are part of the culture, and we can state with Armin Grunwald, Professor of Technology Philosophy and Technology Ethics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), “that the question of technology and the question of people are inextricably linked “.
According to legend, the gods never wanted humans to have fire, but it was stolen and used and abused by humans, it was linked to human history from the very beginning. If we are now supposed to largely do without “fossil burning”, it is not surprising that this leads to confusion.

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