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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Mensaganism, Christian animal freedom, colorful or hidden dishes, sauerkraut cake, saving the world, giving shade, eco-dictates and lettuce

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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Mensaganism, Christian animal freedom, colorful or hidden dishes, sauerkraut cake, saving the world, giving shade, eco-dictates and lettuce

A great thing, such an offer, “… just trying out a plant-based diet.”

That’s the official reading, but strictly speaking it’s also a compulsion when a canteen “just like that” doesn’t offer any fish or meat for weeks.

From a biological point of view, fungi have no place in “plant-based nutrition”, North Rhine-Westphalia’s Minister of Agriculture Silke Gorißen (CDU) was heavily criticized because she took part in the meat-free lunch in a canteen at the University of Bonn and had to comply with the “wish ” from their own party conform, a confession per meat consumption to take off – which from a Christian point of view is nonsense, as it would be a commitment to “animal-free nutrition”.

It should be “plant-based and colorful” in the canteen and in general, like here with beetroot-dyed Chinese cabbage kimchi with turmeric rice and paprika…

With a calzone pizza like this, it is only when you cut it that you realize what the brainchild of the unholy filling is – “You can eat it” is perhaps enough of the table of contents in the home, but not in the canteen, but that’s not what you get on the plate because it’s too much work.

You could call it “bottomless, sugar-free cheesecake with sauerkraut and mild chili flakes” – the naming commissions for sustainable, unnamed nutritional compositions at the “green-tinged” ministries of food and agriculture are facing new tasks. Consumer centers in cooperation with general student committees have the cutlery ready to be at the forefront of the taste test, because climate-neutral nutrition is the current point of honor in the style of the new time! (bigger picture?)

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Who should save the world if not us?

Such questions are actually – rhetorically – still asked today, and there is no alternative to the answer “WE”. “We” always refers to different groups depending on where you look at it, and since there is “us” and “them” it means “we have to save the world” (or at least force media attention to deal with it ) that there is no special cooperation between “us” and “them”.

12 years ago, Tim Bendzko sang about “Just save the world for a moment”.

The time is running out
To wait would be a shame for the entire world population
I have to go now, otherwise there will be a big catastrophe
Can’t you see we’re in trouble?
I really have to save the world now
Then I’ll fly to you
Check 148 more emails
Who knows what will happen to me then, because so much happens

The tearjerker is dripping with clichés, a superman as the sole savior of the world is just a cartoon character, and if you like, you can see an ironic allusion to narcissistic fantasies of grandeur in the avoidance of closeness that is noticeable here.

It has become relatively quiet around the “food savers” – after all, they had reduced their “ecological footprint” and have taken action; they were able, as we say today, to increase their “ecological handprint”.
Spaghetti with cream sauce and mushrooms

Idstein in the beautiful Taunus wants to arm itself against future heat waves with shady city trees; the trunk of one can be seen on the right edge of the picture. After all, the idea that living plants influence the urban climate through evaporation has already arrived. However, a look at the houses around the market square shows that planted balcony flower boxes or facades with climbing plants are still missing.

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One more note on the subject of “marketplace”: If there were a law according to which regional products could only be marketed in the narrower sense, food security would be very difficult, and even regional specialties such as “pickled hand cheese” would be really rare.

Where the hand cheese is made, the slogan “Drink Äppelwoi, hibbe like dribbe!” is not far away, but the meadow orchards are becoming rare because if you seal them, they’re gone.

A television program then asked the hypocritical question, referring to the loss of freedom in the case of freeway speed limits: “Is there a threat of an eco-dictatorship?”

The correct answer: Oh, not really. But if you keep it up, we’ll soon have ration cards and ration cards for essential supplies. Must. With the introduction of the unconditional #organic food supply, the worst could still be cushioned.

Mixed salad on lettuce leaf, short lettuce leaf lettuce. The black and red disc in the top left is fermented beetroot, which is “recognizable” to be rich in antioxidants. Thus, the mixed lettuce fulfills the sour vegetable rule, even if the latter is not universal 😉 .

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