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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Milchkinder Between philistinism and the future?

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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Milchkinder Between philistinism and the future?

Are we – not all of us, but some – inexplicably obese, or because we live among philistines and have learned their wrong rules?
Is “brainwashing” the cause, milk hypnosis, the craving for rice pudding and more? The nonsense of long-distance milk transport shows the need for understanding action, muesli without milk and fermented almond cream point to alternative products.

Why are we the way we are? Or also, on the occasion, “Why are we changing so much?”, Why is the average person getting fatter, and there won’t be programs with titles like “Why are we getting so fat?” without a reason…

This is Amanda, who goes out to eat with her mother before she moves into the children’s and adolescents’ weight loss camp for a few weeks. In her hand she holds a waffle drizzled with syrup, a waffle estimated at 12, and there are also sausages to die for.

Die Documentation is viewed millions of times and led to thousands of comments, e.g. e.g.:

“Unfortunately, I feel like it’s more common these days for parents to blame their children for being overweight, even though they have power over what their children consume. My mom did that to me too when I was growing up. One moment she was buying us fast food and junk food, the next she was saying to me, “You’re getting obese! You need to lose weight!”

At the same time, in the “fight against fat phobia”, a fetishization of the myth of “taut body fat” develops, but the “miss plus business” is ultimately the exploitation of the fat people who fight for some kind of recognition, which is not feminist or emancipatory ” movement” disturbs.

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In addition to the overprocessed, oversugared, overfat food supply, emotional and mental motives also play their part, the former poor wretches live with a cultural lack and full plates – there is also something to drink. A snapshot of what our contemporaries were doing:

They get married and celebrate, which degenerates into drunkenness and chaos. “The Petite Bourgeois Wedding” is a strange play by the young Berthold Brecht, in which a random quote poses certain mysteries:

Isn’t the closet pretty? Particularly

the pickles! I don’t know others

People have no sense for that.

The groom was, out of necessity or diligence, a “do-it-yourself” and amateur gluer who even brewed his stinking glue himself. This society was a caricature of philistinism – the “meanwhile extinct philistinism” would be highly inaccurate. The most beautiful inlays are pointless if the piece of furniture decorated in this way falls apart under load, like all pressboard furniture eventually.

Moving on to the next subject, one could say that these weary, surprise Men only need a glass of milk, because:

“Milk wakes up tired men”.

Johnny Harris doesn’t see it as simply as the advertising industry with its loose and fluffy slogans, he rather sees a “brainwashing” that the milk industry organizes in order to turn potentially enlightened citizens*** into consumers who follow the buying commands without their own will, to shape.

As is well known, the “milk-related, white lies” include the risk of calcium deficiency without animal milk, which is illustrated if necessary with the depiction of freaked and enraptured models. “Just throwing food through the air” – this is where this fad began, which has arrived in museums around the world today 😉

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Rice pudding with sugar and cinnamon – plus homemade apple puree with no added sugar.

One could try “rice porridge made from unpeeled rice without animal milk” and point out that it does not generate any moral added value to transport “regional” milk halfway through the republic:

Norseemilch – that will be milk from cows that swim in the North Sea on Saturdays, and we know what the farmers, who value short distances to the dairy, think of their premium milk being shipped to the Rhein-Main area not, but assume they’re asking questions like these:

Does the motorway network have to be expanded, because otherwise the traffic on congested routes will finally be stuck in a time-consuming and energy-consuming permanent traffic jam, or should further expansions be omitted because they contradict the climate goals, because the priority is to keep the existing road network in good condition, because “omitted unnecessary transports” probably create more free capacity than asphalt tracks, no matter how wide? This milk tourism undoubtedly harms the climate – and does not correspond to the advice of the climate expert to the traffic light government:

To get to the point: “Understand decisive action!”

The market does not prevent nonsensical and environmentally harmful processes such as long-distance milk transport, “decisive action” then means “intervention” and order.

We can advertise dairy-free muesli:

That too vegan cream cheese is feasible has been known for a long time, but today we don’t start with the finished soy yoghurt, but make e.g. B. already the almond milk itself to make a kind of quark, i.e. Labne:

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