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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Outlook Obesity Seminar: Heal, Cure, Regulate

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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Outlook Obesity Seminar: Heal, Cure, Regulate

Nutrition strategy: Conflicts on official channels – precise goals and obstacles – corn cake impressions – global suggestions, connections – nutritional psychological aspects of obesity – adult education center seminar “Obesity”A gap in education – diabetes medicine against obesity – prescription suggestions, weight loss advice – phantom groups

Long is it List of the interest groups involved in the government nutrition strategy, whose interests are predominantly their own and do not have to coincide with the interests of the neighboring “stakeholders” – the German Alliance for Non-communicable Diseases (DANK) and the German Diabetes Society (DDG) are probably rarely the same view as “the sugar industry”. Which of the organizations suspects that sugar addiction is very contagious, i.e. comparable to an infection?

Özdemir emphasizes how important it is “… that it is possible for everyone in Germany to good and healthy to feed – regardless of income, education or origin”, but the important thing is often simply not there.

In Mexico, cornmeal is used to make tacos, tortillas and fajitas – I recently found beetroot-colored corncakes in the local refrigerated section that you only have to fill and wrap. I happened to have some really good tahini- and garlic-heavy hummus left over that I spread on top of the flatbreads; there was also an improvised ketchup made from ready-to-eat tomato sauce, tomato paste, raspberry vinegar, a little mustard, soy sauce, chilli and cocktail tomato as a freshness element.
The sideways tortilla was filled with fried, “marinated” Chinese cabbage and corn on the cob.

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Ecological and thus political reasons speak in favor of a significantly reduced meat diet; As we can see, one can, must and can develop the corresponding recipes “simply” without having to travel all over the world, because there are many suggestions on the Internet. For example:

If you make the corncakes yourself, you can use them to create inexpensive dishes – leftovers are also suitable for the filling, and with a little courage when seasoning…

Sweet potatoes, leeks, spring onions, garlic and a sauce with curry paste, olive oil and some soy sauce are the filling here.

We may have inherited the tendency to adapt to current trends, so “plant-based” eating is no longer accidental, and as an American psychologist put it, “Everyone needs a connection.” If connecting with other people scares you, then connect with your pet.”
In other words: too Essen makes social references like that Drink. If obesity develops in this context – and that is not so rare – there is helplessness, “even if the symptoms appear to be easily treatable on the surface”.
There isn’t either Adult education seminar “Obesity”. Whether here thematic priorities

“Nutritional psychology, diagnostics, symptoms, triggers, body image, attitude, excessiveness, conflicts, coping, context finding, affect regulation, shame, patience, excitement, defense, demarcation, needs”

would have to be dealt with in full, or which “curriculum” is required at all, preferably with practical elements “at the stove”: This cannot be answered in general terms, but it does indicate a huge gap in our educational offers.

Dr. Giles Yeostorytellers, with books like “Why Calories Don’t Count” and “The Tale of the Modern Appetite“, with his own podcast – a much sought-after interviewee who probably wants to express with his Twitter header image that the food-technical balance is not so easy to produce and maintain.

“The modern “lifestyle” and its food supply has given us obesity as the greatest social health problem, which means that up to 30 percent of the population have to bear the burden of obesity.”

I became aware of the “calorie expert” through a tweet that said that new diabetes drugs are not changing the root of obesity;

“Prevention and cure are not the same. A drug will not improve the nutritional situation – a different policy is required here.

However, that doesn’t mean that these types of anti-obesity drugs, which increase feelings of satiety and thus reduce eating, aren’t a hugely important tool.”

What is translated here as “Heilung” is originally called “cure”. Even if “cure” and “kur” are not the same, it should be noted that in this country cures have been on the decline for so long that there is hardly anything left.
It is possible that knowledge about exercises and applications that require more effort than swallowing a drug is also lost.

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There may be life-sustaining and life-saving medicines and devices, but an old superstition, “magical thinking”, is hidden behind the desire for an effect without side effects.

Frightened overweight-conscious people try starvation diets on their own initiative – and with autonomous further education.
If the anti-obesity cure were already a reality, and the obesity seminar mentioned too, one could be combined with the other, even without episodes of ravenous hunger.

Steamed salmon, sautéed strips of colorful peppers, warm hummus and some regular chickpeas – because we’re supposed to eat well and healthy. Fish from aquaponic breeding would be much more ecologically responsible – but in the food mismanagement nobody gets it baked across the board.

Later I believed that I had invented the “hot hummus” quite intuitively and undividedly, but “Hot hummus with marinated vegetables‘ is a previously published recipe.

It doesn’t always have to be something new, a tried and tested raw vegetable salad with a side dish is also fine:

To compensate for the blurry reproduction, a photo of the graphical list of ingredients, but without feta:

– larger view –

Something else from the “Algae in human nutrition” section:

The colored rice was created when black and white rice were cooked together; with stuffed mushrooms, with seaweed-dyed bratwurst mass.

In the Technicians’ Health Insurance one advises a lot to successful weight loss, among other things:

“If it suits you, find a group of like-minded people.”

The advice is right and wrong at the same time; In any case, the idea is there, but the necessary awareness of the problem is obviously not.

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