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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » The supremacy of language twisters – and small “Climate Action” initiatives

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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » The supremacy of language twisters – and small “Climate Action” initiatives

Headlines such as “Is it right to deliver 40 Marder & x fighter jets?” or, if necessary, “Air travel – book flights and hotels at half price with travel hacks” grabs the reader’s attention; A small food blog doesn’t stand a chance against these questions that move the world, especially since “roasting, baking, cooking” has long been attracting attention in other formats – even if it’s purely for entertainment purposes.

A tightly edited tic-toc film about “Whole Chicken in a Pumpkin” was clicked on millions of times, even in Hungarian; what matters is not how good it tastes, but the show effect.

The universal magic sauce

“Watch some cooking show, switch off and maybe nibble on peanuts, or crackle and crunch with the bag of chips” – if that is the interest, the “nutrition turnaround” can come.

(The photo shows a “magic sauce” made from fermented chillies, herb vinegar and tomato paste.)

Mirrored and copied

If you see the moon when you look out the window, but otherwise only a lamp and parts of the kitchen equipment, it has to do with reflections and perception.

When a supermarket sells advertising wherever possible, that is strictly speaking harassment and mind control: are children’s shopping advertised here when it says: “Baby shopping made easy”?

Child dealers, language twisters

Apparently the babies were sold out; maybe there are still some online mail order companies…

This botched use of language continues in political arguments: When it comes to protecting the world, the laws of physics are forgotten and suddenly it doesn’t matter how overpowered cars have become and people “argue” that in countries with speed limit is not cooler than here, or that a ban on speeding leads to more “short-haul flights”.

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Out of tune and silent – ​​or not?

The UN can ask us to do something about ittalk and raise your voice

“Climate action” is mandatory, community spirit is the order of the day.

“End the age of fossil burning and just stop releasing more greenhouse gases,” is the demand that we should bring to the attention of those in government.

The charm of the millions – “small gas systems”

In addition to raising your voice, concrete projects, “innovations” such as small biogas plants are important:

With a biogas production in your own garden you can save resources in this country, especially globally, and also completely redesign fertilization. However, the headline “Fuel prices: Fill up cheaply with biogas from your own filling station” only applies to farmers who have their own filling station.
In sunny countries, anaerobic gas production could also be increased by feeding locally algae realize, maybe also in reactors made of recycled glass…

Ventilate the apartment and get the heat back – that works too, with one Trickwhich requires little effort…

A thousand roads lead to Rome, or “Societies are complex”. The global world population may be the more complex, but if a brain with its maybe 86 billion cells can work synchronized, all of humanity should be able to do the same.

If “enough” means: now it’s enough!

Now it’s often said that “less is more”, and those who don’t understand a speed limit also fly snow through the slopes with a helicopter in order to make sales with tourism. It is foreseeable that the melting of the last glaciers will result in severe losses.

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Wagner or Mozart, maybe Beethoven, at least we know more than two composers. When it comes to human types, we make a binary distinction: fat or thin, and according to the yellow press, slim is the rule and better than “round”.
If some “therapists” then warn against “fat-phobic anorectics” and think that every “body type” is a good basis for happiness, they are probably only influencers who need a market and opinion niche from which they can draw their cheap opinions, enriched with various promises of happiness.

That doesn’t change that obesity an illness and requires treatment. If the causes lie in the area of ​​a lack of self-discipline, it is about treading new paths – “Empowerment“Through individual or group coaching, for example, which also includes understanding, trust, self-efficacy and (self-) control.

Eat what makes you strong

There is a lot of strength from – of course – good food. That is, if the intentions are also followed.

So I could Charlotte Rutledge agree when she writes

The On Sikil Bi Bu’ul (Black Bean Pepper) by Rosalia Chay Chuc, an indigenous chef and culinary consultant and teacher of the Mayan community, is another recipe that will surely appear in my kitchen soon. A black bean stew seasoned with pipian, a pepita-based sauce, and recado blanco, a roasted garlic paste, is a dish that seems downright comforting and flavorful.

I recently copied this recipe from The Cookbook in Support of the United Nations: For People and Planet, but hadn’t tried it because “Annatto“ is part of it, and I still have to get it now.

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As a substitute, I have another alternative to offer, also with black beans:

Bean stew with carrot, parsnip and onion – also in greater resolution. Served with a diced roll from the day before, topped with cheese.

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