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Weight loss tricks from the pros: With these five hacks, eating will no longer make you fat

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Weight loss tricks from the pros: With these five hacks, eating will no longer make you fat

Hacks from the glucose goddess: With these five tricks, eating no longer makes you so fat

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With a few simple eating tricks, you can ensure that your food metabolizes better and doesn’t turn into fat. The key: Avoid rapid and high spikes in blood sugar. Glucose goddess Jessie Inchauspé explains the hacks that work.

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  • In the attached video, two subjects test the “glucose trick” – a weight loss trend from the USA.

If you want to fight the fat rolls on your body and also want to do something good for your health, you should not only pay attention to what you eat, but also how. Because too fast and too high blood sugar increases must be avoided. Otherwise the pancreas has to produce more insulin to lower it again. This unnecessarily robs the body of energy and causes the blood sugar (glucose content in the blood) to quickly plummet again.

The signs and symptoms of these spikes in blood sugar are expressed through

  • cravings
  • brain fog
  • exhaustion
  • lack of concentration
  • and mood swings.

A blood-sugar-healthy diet, which is also recommended for diabetics, makes sense for healthy people too. Fluctuations in blood sugar are normal, but frequent spikes in blood sugar are not. They are caused by a high-carbohydrate diet and the excessive consumption of highly processed sugary foods and beverages, such as those found on supermarket shelves. And these harm the body.

In healthy people, the blood sugar on an empty stomach is between

  • 60 and 100 milligrams per deciliter (3.3 to 5.6 millimoles per liter).

After the meal, blood sugar should be at its maximum

  • 90 to 140 milligrams per deciliter (5.0 to 7.8 millimoles per liter)


In people with prediabetes, i.e. a preliminary stage of diabetes, the fasting blood sugar is included

  • 100 to 125 milligrams per deciliter (5.6-6.9 millimoles per liter)

In diabetes, the fasting blood sugar is above

  • 126 milligrams per deciliter (7 millimoles per liter)

Sugar flood promotes the formation of free radicals

The French biochemist Jessie Inchauspé, for example, impressively describes what exactly happens in the body and what harmful effects this has in the long term in her bestseller “The Glucose Trick”. The Frenchwoman is now followed by more than 2.2 million people on her Instagram account “Glucosegoddess”.

If the body is flooded with unnecessary sugar, this leads to the formation of free radicals, the expert describes in it. These, in turn, attack everything in the body that encounters them, according to Inchauspé. Mutations and the activation of harmful genes are the result, which could also lead to the development of cancer cells.

Constant blood sugar peaks therefore cause oxidative stress in the body, which causes us to age faster. This not only promotes the formation of wrinkles, but much worse: inflammation, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases such as diabetes and many more.

Fat storage due to excess sugar in the blood

Another well-known disadvantage: We gain weight due to the excess sugar. Because excess sugar is converted by the body into fat, among other things, and stored in the depots.

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But none of this has to be the case, because we can prevent such blood sugar peaks with the right diet and a few tricks for everyday life. Inchauspé therefore recommends the following hacks, among others, which some diabetologists also recommend to their patients. They are based on scientific knowledge and from their own research:

1. Always eat in the right order

Eat fiber first, i.e. vegetables and salad. Then there are proteins and fats such as meat and fish, and finally carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, etc. According to Inchauspé, a study by Cornell University in the USA showed that this order reduced glucose peaks by 73 percent and insulin peaks by 48 percent . That applies to everyone – with or without diabetes.

2. Eat a vegetable or salad as a starter before every meal

Always eat the roughage, i.e. vegetables or salad, first. This is because they cause the blood sugar to rise only slowly as a result of the food that follows. This is because the fiber slows down the breakdown and absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. For example, they form a kind of barrier in the small intestine that prevents sugar from entering the blood quickly.

3. Eat sweets for dessert after the main meal and avoid snacks

Sweets and snacks in between drive up the blood sugar level unnecessarily and thus damage the body. If you don’t want to do without it, you should eat sweets right after a main meal. As a result, the sugar does not get into the blood as quickly.

4. Drink vinegar with water

If you want to eat cake or other desserts at a party in the afternoon, you can prevent blood sugar spikes by drinking a large glass of water with a tablespoon of vinegar (apple cider vinegar is best) a few minutes beforehand. As a result, the sugar and insulin levels do not rise as quickly and, above all, not as high, despite the dessert. The reason: Vinegar contains an enzyme that ensures that sugar and starch are not converted into glucose so quickly in the body.

5. Exercise after eating

If you move after a meal, you also do something positive for your blood sugar level. This is because muscles absorb excess glucose that enters the bloodstream through eating. So a walk after dinner makes sense.

The hacks work on everyone

“The hacks in this book work for all of us,” Inchauspé points out. As a result of these measures, the glucose increases are significantly lower in all people.

With her new book “The Glucose Trick – The Practical Book”, the biochemist wants to help people with a four-week program plus many recipes to integrate all these hacks into everyday life as a matter of course – including many recipes.

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In-depth questions & answers on the topic:

The main reason for not continuing to lose weight is subconscious snacking. Other possible reasons are less physical activity in everyday life, water retention, the female cycle, an irregular diet and a slower metabolism due to previous crash diets, too little sleep and stress.

Avatar of Yasmin Flohr

Yasmin Flohr

Nutritionist and fitness trainer

A healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity, a balanced diet and sufficient sleep helps to boost the metabolism in the long term. There is no such thing as a miracle pill, but the metabolism can be boosted by eating enough food, doing the right training and increasing everyday exercise.

Avatar of Yasmin Flohr

Yasmin Flohr

Nutritionist and fitness trainer

A balanced diet plays the crucial role in overcoming weight stagnation. A calorie deficit is crucial, but should not be too large. It is important that the food you eat is high in fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. It is helpful to take 3 to 4 hour breaks between meals and avoid constant snacking.

Avatar of Yasmin Flohr

Yasmin Flohr

Nutritionist and fitness trainer

Moderate endurance training such as longer, brisk walks, walking, cycling or swimming is particularly helpful for burning fat. Strength training should also be integrated, since the muscles consume more calories in the basal metabolic rate. A gradual adjustment of the training program can eventually help to overcome the weight plateau.

Avatar of Yasmin Flohr

Yasmin Flohr

Nutritionist and fitness trainer


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