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Wellness in Motion | Plogging – the new fitness trend

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Wellness in Motion |  Plogging – the new fitness trend

ADDRESS BOOK – One of the seasons that I have always loved most since I was a child is spring!

Usually, at this time of the year, the desire to move and to find oneself as a child increases, trying to spend as much time as possible in the open air.

On our lake the colors return to being intense and clear and with the awakening of nature the chirps increase together with the scent of the trees in bloom … a real spectacle!

There is one thing that, however, lately appears more and more evident to me, unfortunately also in our territory, in addition to the flowers it seems that the waste is blooming.

Maybe in winter, the less intense light does not allow us to observe the reality of the environment: litter, cigarette butts, plastic and garbage leap to the eye, giving us a sense of inevitable annoyance and sadness!

Environmental awareness starting from the simple

It is evident that the growing progress of today’s civilization and the increase in the use of consumer goods are now experiencing a worrying increased waste. But if in parallel with progress, an environmental awareness should develop, unfortunately it appears increasingly clear that rudeness and incivility have not retired and there are those who continue to throw waste in the fields, along the cycle paths and even on our paths. .

How many times do we take a walk and notice abandoned masks?

But we, who should be the generation of change, what can we do?

He Plogging

Dear hiking friends, sports and nature lovers, I have good news for you… have you ever heard of Plogging?

Plogging is a new eco-friendly trend that consists of collecting the waste that is in its path while engaged in jogging or other outdoor sports activities.

The term Plogging is the perfect union of the Swedish word plocka upp (to collect) and the English jogging and to invent it giving life to the trend was the Swedish Erik Ahlström who in 2016 before moving to a different city than the one where he resided, he decided to clean up the area where he usually trained.

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This gesture gave birth in 2017 that always in Sweden, more precisely in Stockholma group of running friends began to give to their own running a biological as well as an ecological footprint, collecting waste found on the ground.

The basic idea is to optimize the time normally used for training, to also do something positive for the space in which you live..

Those who participate, in fact, take to the street equipped with garbage bags to collect the waste they encounter during the fitness session.

a discipline for get in shape both inside and out: out why tones the musclesinside why makes you feel at peace with the world (and with themselves) for having made a good one eco-action.

Walks that have the double objective of walking and collecting waste in the mountains, ruined by human impact almost as much as the sea and the beaches.

Most of the human impact on nature occurs with abandoned disposables: refreshing wipes, cigarette butts, bottles, snack wrappers, candy, masks devastate the places where we trek.

The benefits we get thanks to Plogging:

Consuming a lot of calories: combining the moment of running with other stops to collect waste, in which the necessary movements can also be lunges and squats, it represents a real interval training. This type increases endurance and allows you to burn many more calories, during and after training, than the normal running.

Increase self-esteem: combining garbage collection with running, and therefore taking positive action not only for oneself but for the whole community, can instill a lot of self-confidence.

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To start practicing this discipline you don’t need much if not a minimum level of training necessary to be able to run. For the rest it is sufficient to have running shoes and sportswear, a bag in which to store the waste and a pair of work gloves, so as not to touch the things that are collected from the ground with your hands.

This activity can be more fun if you do it in a group so the advice is to involve a few friends. Also, adding a little competition and challenging who finds the most waste can increase productivity.

Therefore, dear readers, who like me love our territory, let’s remember to be virtuous too

in the care and respect of the Planet, a challenge that affects us allstarting from the simple.

Prof. Marco Brusadelli
Doctor of Exercise and Sports Sciences – Massage Therapist – Life Coach
Receives by appointment at:
Fitup Fitness Center, Via Risorgimento 57 – Lecco
T. +39 3394935212
email: [email protected]


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