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West Nile, outbreak of positive mosquitoes in a residential area of ​​Codognè

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West Nile, outbreak of positive mosquitoes in a residential area of ​​Codognè

CODOGNE – Almost a hundreds of positive mosquitoes al West Nile were found in via Campocervaro in Codognè. The affected area is one residential area, a side street of via XXX Ottobre, the long straight that from the town hall leads to the Cadore-Mare. The news immediately raised concern among the citizens but the mayor Lisa Tommasella calls for calm: “We are in contact with the USL 2 to manage the problem.” The discovery of positive mosquitoes in the West Nile came following the epidemiological monitoring of the traps carried out annually by the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of the Venezie, with preventive purposes. To be precise, 77 mosquitoes have been found to be positive in West Nile. The news was immediately published last night on the official website of the Municipality and relaunched in a post on social media by Mayor Tommasella who explains: “The mosquitoes found positive in the West Nile are exactly 77. I want to reassure citizens that we are not in a phase emergency, given the number all in all contained. There are no reasons for alarmism at this time. Tomorrow (today ed) there will be a new targeted disinfestation in the area affected by the presence of mosquitoes and we will continue to monitor the evolution of the situation in collaboration with the offices in charge of the Local Health Authority “The Municipality of Codognè, as every year, had prepared a disinfestation plan during the summer which provides a treatment every 3 weeks. The last was carried out on 29 July, but the rain probably neutralized the effects, favoring the incubation of this type of mosquito with the complicity of the stagnation of water during the modest precipitation.

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The mayor promptly informed the population by launching recommendations: «Pay attention and go out protected by a special repellent spray (more info can be found at the link below in the post of the Municipality). If you don’t have the mosquito nets, avoid airing the rooms for a long time, at least for a few days and not close to sunset / evening. And very important – continues Tommasella – is to eliminate all residual and stagnant water in the garden, vegetable gardens and private green areas because they are the ideal environment for the proliferation of mosquito larvae ». In addition to the recommendations on the social networks, a detailed notice has been published on the Municipal page with all the possible precautions to be taken.

“Every citizen can do a lot to reduce the risk of contracting the disease.” The first thing to do is to protect yourself from mosquito bites, using mosquito nets at home and applying skin repellents when doing outdoor activities (based on DEET or Icaridin at a concentration higher than 10% or based on Paramatandiol in children under 2 years). In this regard, it is advisable to consult the guide on the correct use of repellents of the Zooprophylactic Institute of the Venezie. The second thing to do is to avoid breeding mosquitoes in your gardens, eliminating the sources of stagnant water daily (pots, saucers, containers), treating the drains with suitable larvicides for mosquitoes, covering the water bins in the gardens and emptying those not used, keeping the green taken care of. The Hygiene and Public Health Service will carry out a reinforced epidemiological monitoring in the coming weeks, promptly reporting to the Municipality further public health actions where necessary.

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