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What a consultant would want

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What a consultant would want

Mr Fricke, you have been working at the Pro-Familia advice center in Passau for around ten years. How many pregnancy conflict consultations were carried out there in 2023?

That was 180.

So far, the advice has been intended to protect the unborn life and encourage the continuation of the pregnancy. How does a conversation work under this content specification?

The content specification is taken one-to-one from the Federal Constitutional Court ruling of 1993. The advice should be open-ended but encouraging. That’s quite a balancing act for us. Openness to results means first asking what the current situation of the woman concerned is. If she says she wants to terminate the pregnancy, we usually ask what the reasons are in order to find out where there may be a need for information or a lack of information about what help is available. Encouraging is then expressed, for example, in the fact that we look specifically with the people affected to see what kind of help would actually be of support for them.

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