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What are eSim, which operators offer them but above all, do they agree?

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What are eSim, which operators offer them but above all, do they agree?

Imagine the convenience of changing online operator and receiving the “sim” via email, in code format, to be loaded immediately on the smartphone by framing the qr-code with the camera. In an instant we have the offer we wanted, without wasting time. It is a possibility that has been present for some time, it is based on eSim technology, and slowly – with various resistance from our operators who prefer not to make this alternative known to users – it is also spreading among us.

Virtual operators are playing a role in its diffusion, making it very convenient to activate eSim. Historically, Spusu does it (on the Wind 3 network and characterized by very cheap rates); more recently ViaNova and CoopVoce (both on the Tim network).

Which operators offer the eSim

Apart from these, Tim and WindTre also have the eSim but require an activation in the store. A contradiction – forcing the physical to have digital – confirming the desire to curb a phenomenon that favors the change of operator and therefore the fall in prices. True Mobile, however (low cost brand of Wind Tre) allows online activation, as does Spusu, ViaNova and Coopvoce. Nothing yet eSim from Iliad or from the new virtual EliMobile, but as emerged in more public announcements the news should arrive (sooner or later). The exception is Vodafone, pioneer of eSim in Italy, also allows its activation online.

The costs of the eSim

One aspect to consider is the cost. Traders tend to make eSim available on all normal offers, so this doesn’t change. In theory, the eSim should not have initial costs (it is not “physical”), but Tim charges it for 15 euros, Wind Tre, ViaNova and CoopVoce 10 euros. Free instead Spusu, Vodafone.

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How to activate the eSim

In practice, then, the eSim works like a normal sim. We can therefore do three things towards an eSim: activation of a new number, change of operator, passage from sim to eSim with your own operator. In this third case, operators often ask to follow a different activation procedure: via their app. Be careful though. You must first make sure you have a compatible smartphone, that is, equipped with the chip useful for hosting the (protected) data of the sim. Almost everyone from the last two to three years is. Of course smart watches that support sim are compatible (for physical reasons, this can only be virtual). There are also eSim compatible computers and tablets, such as the new Microsoft Surface, iPad Air, Ipad Pro. To be as cautious as possible, it is better to see the list of models compatible with your eSim on the operator’s website.

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