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what are the causes and how to deal with it

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what are the causes and how to deal with it

In the course of life it can happen to have a sudden weight gain without knowing how to explain the reason, here are the causes and what are the best ways to deal with this condition.

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Our life is a continuum ups and downsnot only of events that lead us up or down on the basis of successes and failures, but also in terms of weight.

In fact, how many times have we weighed ourselves, noting with amazement a sudden weight gain completely devoid of explanations? And yet there is always a reason, even if sometimes it can be really difficult to identify it. That is why it is good to know the cause which lead us towards an increase of weight.

When can sudden weight gain occur?

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The accumulation of fat is always harmful to health and for this reason it is necessary to investigate to try to understand what it is due to. If it is a few pounds, nothing wrong, but if you get to an overweight condition then in that case the risks can be many, even reaching chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension. But there are times when weight gain has nothing to do with an unregulated diet or lack of physical activity. So where should the cause be sought?

According to Medline Plus, a website of the US National Library of Medicine, there may be several explanations. The first reason for unexplained weight gain would be to remember hiring some medications, including for example those for diabetes, for the treatment of mental disorders or the birth control pill. All drugs that can affect weight in some way.

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Another cause could be theaging. Over the years the metabolism tends to decrease and this leads to a sudden weight gain. This happens when you eat too much, if the diet is not balanced or if you do not carry out adequate physical activity. There are also diseases that can affect weight, such as underactive thyroid syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome or Cushing’s syndrome. These disorders must be recognized and diagnosed by a specialist.

Weight gain is undoubtedly more frequent in women, due to the numerous hormonal changes which can occur at different times in a woman’s life, especially during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Even when yes stop smoking there is a tendency to eat more and thus to gain weight. This occurs in the first six months after the nicotine absence.

In addition to these various reasons, any changes in the daily routine can affect weight in some way. And when this happens, the best thing to do is to consult your doctor to find out what is the correct way to intervene. So don’t do your own thing because health is a serious matter!

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