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What are the freshest eggs on the market, you can find the best ones at Eurospin

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What are the freshest eggs on the market, you can find the best ones at Eurospin

Today many people still don’t know if eating eggs is good for our body or not. When in doubt, many avoid eating them often. We don’t always know if the ones we cover are regular from a regulatory point of view. Here are the freshest eggs on the market.

Many people consume eggs at least once a week. They are, in fact, considered high-calorie foods, on average they contain about seventy/eighty Kcal. Eggs, however, are able to provide our body with a substantial source of vitamins very useful for our health because rich in protein.

Some even consume an egg a day. From specific studies carried out, it has emerged that consuming eggs, for those who do not have health problems or some pathology linked to their metabolism. Regardless of these factors, no one should consume too many eggs in one week.

The freshest eggs on the market: which ones to choose

This top 5 of the freshest eggs on the market will help you shop more consciously. The eggs at home they should never be missing also because, with a minimum of imagination, they can be used in many ways and for many recipes. In fact, with eggs we can prepare a dessert, homemade pasta, and many other things. But how do you choose a excellent product?

First of all, you need to decide which eggs you want to buy: in trade there are various types of eggs such as those of hen, but also of guinea fowl, turkey, quail, goose, duck. In short, you are spoiled for choice!

How many eggs to consume per day – wineandfoodtour.it

Luckily, results have come out of some tests carried out on various companies that trade eggs excellent which secure the consumer health. In a certain way, the tests lead to a safer choice, considering that to carry them out, the eggs have been subjected to specific checks, to guarantee their quality.

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These tests showed that some brands, more than others, produced better quality eggs. In the top 5, there are eggs from Coopof Casa Bonelli al TodisLe Naturelle, and in the first two places there are, instead, the Delizie del sole sold by Eurospin There are all‘Long S.

How to evaluate their freshness

The checks are not carried out only on the eggs, but on many commercial foods. Analyzing them serves to guarantee the quality of the product by specifying its origin, in order to know with certainty what you are buying and consuming. Egg tests are carried out constantly.

If you have any doubts about quality of your eggs, you can very well do a little home test. All you need to do is take an egg you just bought and immerse it in a container with water.

Egg freshness test – wineandfoodtour.it

This test can be done anytime you have a doubt. If you notice that the color of the shell is different from how it always is, you may doubt the freshness of your eggs. Doing it will cost you a few minutes, so don’t underestimate any doubts.

Once placed in water, if the egg sinks to the bottom of the container, then it means that the product is fresh. If, on the other hand, it starts to spin and float, then its freshness is questionable.

From an analysis carried out, however, taking into consideration only the yolk, the five best eggs were found to be those of Conad of farming on the ground those of‘Eurospin Delicacies of the Sunthose of theMD Aia AriapertaCà White, the eggs of Carrefourand still those of Casa Bonelli al Todis.

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