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what causes it and how to fix it

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what causes it and how to fix it

Itchy ears: what causes it and how can it be relieved? Here’s how to try to avoid it!

Itchy ears: causes and symptoms. How to relieve the discomfort?

It will have happened to many of you to experience, at least once in your life, itchy ears. An annoying situation that contributes to make you nervous. Often it also happens to people who do not show particular problems with the hearing system. Today we will address the topic of ear itching ed we will get to the heart of the discussion precisely to highlight the possible causes that are at the origin of the problem.

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It is a very unpleasant disorder that leads people to scratch both on the outside and inside of the ear. Of course, not everyone will experience the same kind of discomfort. The symptoms associated with this clinical condition vary. The disorder can strike at any age. Here’s what it looks like and can vary:

  • local irritations (cerume, stress)
  • illnesses (otiti)
  • systemic pathologies (herpes, psoriasi, eczema)

Itchy ears: causes and symptoms

Ear itching can affect both ears or just one. The areas where you have discomfort are both in correspondence with the external and internal parts. The causes are varied. It is manifested by irritation or infection (use of ear plugs, headphones, insect bites), for allergies or dermatitis (use of wrong cosmetic products or detergents).

Among the most common and less worrying symptoms we find:

  • pains
  • redness
  • irritations
  • tinnitus (buzzing, whistling, hissing)
  • leakage of liquids (blood, pus)
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Among the symptoms related to diseases or pathologies we find:

  • cough
  • fever
  • dizziness
  • sore throat
  • skin rashes
  • dizziness

Everything to avoid and possible remedies

If this disorder occurs and you intend to intervene we strongly advise you to avoid inserting anything inside the auricle, Furthermore, it is good not to scratch to avoid worsening the discomfort. The remedies are different according to the type of itch.

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Obviously, never proceed with do-it-yourself remedies, but always seek the advice of a doctor. The ENT is the indicated specialist. In case of irritation and dermatitis you may be prescribed creams or ointments. If it comes to allergies, we will opt for the administration of antihistamines.

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