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what changes from 1 May in supermarkets, shops, offices, trains, buses- breaking latest news

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what changes from 1 May in supermarkets, shops, offices, trains, buses- breaking latest news
from Monica Guerzoni and Fiorenza Sarzanini

Sunday falls the obligation, from work to transport where they are still used. Stop also at the green pass

The long-awaited day has arrived, from tomorrow the green pass will no longer be mandatory for traveling, sitting at a restaurant table or watching a show open to the public. The date of May 1st marks a change of phase also for the use of the mask, which has been the symbol of the Covid-19 pandemic for over two years. The obligation will remain until June 15 only in Closed places where the risk of contagion is greater.

The government’s choices are welcomed with relief, but also with some controversy. In the world of cinema there is anger and worry. For the president of the Union of publishers and distributors of Anica, Luigi Lonigro, the extension of the Ffp2 in theaters could definitively bring one compartment to your knees for some time already in a deep crisis. The trend of stationary infections, yesterday they were counted 58.861, 133 were the victims, but scientists still recommend caution. Given the high speed of circulation of the virus good to maintain prudent behaviorwith the use of masks in closed, crowded places and wherever there is a risk of contagion, comments the Prevention Director of the Ministry of Health, Gianni Rezza.

Public offices: Ffp2 recommended for those at the counter

There is no longer a mask requirement for public employees but each administration, in the responsibility of the employergive the necessary indications taking into account the conditions of the workplace and the working performance of employees.
Ffp2 is recommended for on-site personnel in contact with the public or at the counter without barriers; personnel carrying out the service in shared rooms with one or more workers, even if there are only two, unless there are spaces that avoid crowding; during face-to-face meetings; line up for the canteen and indoor bars; queues to enter the office; who shares a room with “fragile” personnel; in the presence of any symptoms concerning the respiratory tract; in the elevators.
Not recommended for outdoor activities; availability of a single room for the employee; in large roomsalso common (corridors, stairways) where there is no overcrowding or where a reasonable interpersonal distance is maintained.

Every company decides, but in stores the rules don’t apply to customers

In shops, supermarkets and all private companies there is no longer any obligation to wear a mask but they can be signed aagreements between the employer and the employeesi to make them wear in some risky situations.
The criteria are the same as those applied to the public administration and therefore it comes recommended to use them in crowded places and where it is not possible to maintain the distance.
The rules applied to workers cannot be imposed on customers. The entrance to all public and private premises will be free but the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza however, he recommended to the citizens the utmost caution especially when you are indoors and where there is a strong presence of people. I’m always exempt from the obligation to wear a mask children under the age of six; people with pathologies or disabilit incompatible with use; people who have to communicate with a person with a disability; those who are doing sporting activities.

School, masks until the end of the year. The surgeries are enough

For students over six years of age, the obligation to wear a mask in class will remain until the end of the school year. President Mario Draghi would have preferred to free children and teenagers from nose and mouth protection, at least for the last few weeks, but the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi and that of Health Roberto Speranza they insisted on confirming the linea of ​​prudence and maintain the obligation established by the last decree approved on 24 March.
The device can be surgical or more effective protective and anyone attending the school – pupils, teachers and Ata staff – will have to wear it until the last ring of the bell. Except for subjects with incompatible pathologies or disabilities with the use of the aforementioned devices and for carrying out sports activities. Thanks to an amendment proposed by the M5S, children who have just turned six, and who attend kindergartens, are no longer obliged to wear masks.

Masks in the cinema or in sports halls. Free in bars and restaurants

From May 1st to June 15th it is compulsory to wear Ffp2 masks for shows open to the public that take place indoors in theatrical halls, concert halls, cinemas, etc.entertainment venues and live music and in other similar premises.
In stadiums, you must not wear any type of protectionwhile the Ffp2 will still be mandatory until June 15 for indoor sports competitions.
No mask in bars and restaurants, in pubs and even if you eat at the counter or get up from the table (read all the details here).
Also free in the discotheque and in all other public places or open to the public.
For those who perform sporting activity in gyms or swimming pools indoors or in clubs and to access the changing rooms lmask no longer providedbut the managers can ask customers to respect the recommendation – when sports are not done – to behave prudently especially in places frequented by several people.

For trains, buses and metr extended to 15 June. Passengers without taxi

From May 1st to June 15th it will still be mandatory to wear the Ffp2 mask for all long-distance means of transport and on those of the local public transport. The rule applies to both workers and customers. According to the ordinance you have to protect yourself to get on planes, ships and ferries used for interregional transport services; interregional, Intercity, Intercity Night and High Speed ​​trains; buses used for passenger transport services, with an undifferentiated offer, carried out on the road continuously or periodically on a route that connects more than two regions and with pre-established itineraries, timetables, frequencies and prices; buses used for rental services with driver; means used in local or regional public transport services; means of school transport dedicated to primary, lower and upper secondary school students. The controls are entrusted to the staff who are on board the vehicles.
There is no longer any obligation to wear a mask for taxi customers.

They must always be worn in hospitals and RSA (until 31 December)

In hospitals and healthcare facilities confirmed the obligation to use the mask for doctors and operators, but also for patients and carers. The ordinance provides that from 1st May to 15th June mandatory to wear respiratory protection devices ai workers, users and visitors of health facilitiesand, socio-health and social-welfare, including hospital and long-term care facilities, nursing homes (Rsa), hospices, rehabilitation facilities, residential facilities for the elderly (including non self-sufficient).
Until December 31, there is also the obligation to vaccinate and to exhibit the reinforced green pass (which demonstrates vaccination with three doses or recovery from Covid) for all those who work in health facilities. Anyone who does not respect it must be suspended from functions and salary but does not suffer disciplinary consequences.
The vaccination obligation remains until June 15 for over 50, law enforcement and school staff (penalty of 100 euros for those who do not respect it).

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