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What could happen if you eat an onion every day of the week

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What could happen if you eat an onion every day of the week

Onions are by far the most contrasted food ever. There are those who love them and even eat them raw and there are those who just can’t stand them. But you will be surprised to know what happens to our body if we eat even just one onion a day. You will immediately run to buy them.

What happens if we eat an onion every day

It has always been known that vegetables are essential for good health and are also low in calories. In fact, onions have a caloric intake very minimal (about 30 Kcal per 100gr, which can vary according to the quality of the onion itself). The onion belongs to the family of garlica category to which they also belong garlic e shallot. Since ancient times this category of vegetables has been used as natural medicine. You may have heard some elderly people say that garlic and onions are natural antibiotics. In fact they are not wrong.

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In ancient times it was common to use the onion as a cure for vomiting, headaches and mouth ulcers. With the various studies and research carried out on this vegetable, today we can say that there are at least 6 reasons to eat onion every day. Let’s see them together.

6 reasons to eat onion every day

This vegetable has always been considered a super food, but the giant leaps made by science have shown that there are many other reasons why eat onion every daylet’s see at least 6:

  1. Rich in vitamins: the first to mention is the vitamin C, an ally par excellence of the immune system. It helps us assimilate iron and helps us produce more collagen and consequently have more elastic and young skin. Vitamin C is also a good antioxidant, therefore useful for the fight against free radicals and cell degeneration. Other important vitamins are the vitamin B9 which protects our nervous system, and the vitamin B6 which helps the production of red blood cells. Finally we find the potassium fundamental aid for the proper functioning of the muscles;
  2. Ally of the heart: quercitin e fisetina, both flavonoids contained in the onion (especially in the red one), counteract inflammation and tissue oxidation. Thanks to this function, the heart works better and high blood pressure problems are avoided;

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  3. Reduces the risk of cancer: recent studies have shown that, eat regularly onion, garlic, shallots and chivesreduces the risk of stomach cancer by up to 22% and the risk of colon and rectal cancer by 15%. Another study also showed that the many antioxidants eh flavonoids contained in these vegetables, they also help to slow down tumor pathologies already in progress;
  4. Reduces the risk of degenerative diseases: I am 25 different antioxidants contained in the onion highly reduce the risk of developing degenerative diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, etc.;
  5. Rich in probiotics: the good bacteria contained in our body, if properly nourished with probiotics, help them to develop short-chain fatty acids. These are essential for strengthening our immune defenses and reducing inflammatory states;
  6. Prevents infections and bacteria: eat at least one raw onion a day, it will help fight off external bacteria. Protecting the body from bacteria will ensure that we avoid the use of antibiotics.
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Now that we have 6 different reasons to eat onion every day, let’s see how to use it in the kitchen.

Use of onion in the kitchen

Buy the onions really economicand given the many beneficial qualities it is also greet. So let’s learn how to make the most of this vegetable. We often use cooked onion, in many preparations starting from sautéed, ending with calzones. But during cooking many of the properties mentioned above are lost. Better then to consume raw onion, but how to do it? Here are some ideas:

  • In salad: just cut the onion (preferably the red one) into thin slices and add it to our salads, whether they are just vegetables or pasta;
  • Guacamole: it is a preparation based on avocado, onion, lemon juice, and a pinch of salt and spices. Everything is minced to make this super nutritious raw gravy;
  • Hummus: it is a cold cream made with pre-cooked chickpeas, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and spices, to which you can also add an onion to enrich its flavour;


  • Gazpacho: a dish that comes directly from Spain and which allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of vegetables. To prepare the sauce in question, a mix of vegetables is created, including onion or shallot, and breadcrumbs are added for greater consistency;
  • romesco sauce: this preparation also comes from Spain, but some elements (tomatoes and peppers) are previously cooked. To these is then added bread, hazelnuts, chilli pepper, aromatic herbs, apple cider vinegar, garlic or onion, oil and salt. Everything is chopped and a great tasty sauce is created.
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Now that we have discovered this super food and also how to use it in the kitchen, let’s run to buy it immediately and remember to eat at least one onion a day for top health.

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