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What could happen to your body if you eat almonds before meals

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What could happen to your body if you eat almonds before meals

Something truly amazing happens to our body if we eat almonds before meals. Did you know?

The almonds they can definitely give us some great benefits. However, it is better to know whether it is appropriate to eat them before lunch or dinner.

Good and versatile dried fruit

In particular, the almonds they are gods edible oilseeds of the almond tree which, in general, are placed within the category of the so-called dried fruit.

Almond trees in bloom (Pixabay) – Wineandfoodtour.it

Even within the Italian borders, moreover, there is one good cultivation of the almond treeand, in this case, above all in Sicily and Puglia.

The almond harvest, therefore, takes place towards the end of summer, for this reason, therefore, they are made available only in fall.

Of course, however, in supermarkets we can find them any time of the year, because theItaliain addition to producing them, also imports large quantities from foreign countries.

The almondsmoreover, precisely because of their pleasant taste, more often than not, they can be excellent ingredients for both savory dishes than for the sweet ones.

In this regard, therefore, we can mention some really tasty dishes. For example, let’s remember San Biagio cake which, precisely, is a typical Mantuan tart made with almonds.

Then, again, the rustic salted sbrisolonaThe Amaretti biscuitsi songsand even coupons can be made spaghetti with almonds and a great one almond chicken.

Cantucci (Facebook) – Wineandfoodtour.it

In short, there really is all tastes, since these special fruits are good in many different contexts. Furthermore, we must not forget that the almonds they are also good for health.

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Why eat almonds before meals

The almonds they are, of course, a type of fruit that can help us keep healthy our body.

The benefits of almonds before meals (Pexels) – Wineandfoodtour.it

First of all, there are vitamins of group B and vitamin E. Furthermore, there are mineral salts, among which, the of phosphorusil magnesiumil potassium and the ferro.

Then, again, we find the Omega-3 fatty acids not fibre. At this point, therefore, we could say that it is not a bad idea to put them in the personal menu.

In fact, the almonds they even have some very interesting properties that we can briefly report below.

First, therefore, let us remember that such fruit has antioxidant properties which help keep the aging process at bay.

Furthermore, it is even suitable for limiting the feeling of stress and tirednessgiving us beneficial actions to the nervous system.

Do not forget that, moreover, almonds are anti-cholesterol and keep triglycerides low.

Finally, we can also point out that they have anti-inflammatory properties and they help bone health.

Of course, in addition to these good qualities, it must be borne in mind that almonds are also caloriestherefore, they are not exactly suitable for a slimming diet or in any case for keeping fit.

In any case, according to a recent study, it seems that it is appropriate to eat at least 20 grams of almonds before meals.

According to a precise research, in fact, in this way it would be possible to regulate i blood sugar levels and, consequently, to prevent the development of the diabetes.

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In short, as you may have understood, there are many reasons why, without exaggerating, it is advisable to include almonds in our diet.

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