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what do we know. Furious ex-wife: “Shame!”

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what do we know.  Furious ex-wife: “Shame!”

Il Big Brother Vip announced today that the competitor Marco Bellavia he left the house. The reasons have not been disclosed, at least for now, but from what filters it seems that the health conditions of the former host of “Bim Bum Bam” were not compatible with participation in the reality show. In particular, it would be the mental health by Marco Bellavia: the actor has never made any secret of having had problems in the past, but no one could imagine that the situation would worsen inside the house.

What happened to Marco Bellavia? From sickness to bullying

The other competitors of the Gf Vip, to be honest, certainly did not help Bellavia. The group sided compactly against him, excluding him and speaking ill of him at every opportunity. An attitude that the people of the web did not appreciate, labeling it as “bullying“. Marco, initially, made it clear that he wanted to stay at home, just to face his difficulties, perhaps with the help of others. However, this was not the case. The last days of Bellavia were characterized by extreme fragility and crying fits. The mental coach, moreover, with the clear desire to address the topic publicly, had told of suffering from panic attacks and anxiety.

Gf Vip, Marco Bellavia leaves the house: «Anxiety and fear». The wrath of the web: “Forced because bullied”

“Health conditions incompatible with reality TV”

Why Marco Bellavia left the house of Gf Vip we will probably find out on Monday, during the episode on Canale 5, but various theories and testimonies are already circulating on social networks. According to Fanpage, the production would have assessed the actor’s mental health conditions as not compatible with the game: in other words, Bellavia would not be eligible to participate in a reality show as intense as Big Brother.

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The ex-wife against the other competitors: “Shame!”

But there are also other versions. Elena Travaglia, Marco’s ex-wife, wrote in an Instagram story: «I’m reading so many things, too many. Remember that behind all this is my son, a 15 year old boy. Marco is a good person, perhaps too sensitive and he asked for help several times, but no one in the house helped him. Shame! They taught me to help people in difficulty, not to bury them ». The woman’s message ends with a thank you to Antonella Fjordelisi: «She was the only one who gave him a little help even with just a word, a caress, a smile».

The collapse of Bellavia – according to the ex-wife, but not only – would be attributable to the discriminatory attitude of the other competitors, rather than to her alleged incompatibility with the game. We will know more on Monday.

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