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What foods help memory? Crazy, here’s the list –

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Research related to nutrition in recent decades has shown in an ever more constant and thorough way the colleration between dietary regimes and the well-being of our body, as well as its full functionality. Eating in a balanced and correct way improves life expectancy and also allows you to be more productive, as demonstrated by the now iconic Mediterranean diet, and factors such as memory, an essential factor for both young and more “mature” people.

Nobody likes to forget things, and nutrition plays a very important role in that. What are the most useful foods to help our memory?

Food for memory

Every nutritionist will be ready to underline the importance of a balanced diet to help our brain to perform at its best: a research lasting almost 20 years has in fact highlighted the influence that certain foods can have on cognitive abilities, foods that they contain nutrients particularly useful for brain function, such as vitamin J (also called choline), vitamins of group B, E, K, and the various Omega 3 and 6.

here’s the list

  • Cod and salmon, both rich in Omega 3 and Vitamin J. Omega 3 is particularly useful for memory and stems the so-called “memory lapses”.
  • Pumpkin seeds, avoiding consumption if particularly salty. These seeds are rich in zinc, another useful element for our brain.
  • Spinach, Brussels sprouts and broccoli: they contain vitamin K, B9 and a high antioxidant power.
  • Coffee and dark cocoa, especially if in small doses and combined with each other, are good for the mind and memory as they are rich in flavonoids.
  • Peanuts and dried fruit in general are rich in serotonin, an essential substance for managing energy and our mood, they also provide large quantities of Omega 3 and Omega 6, vitamin B6 and vitamin E.
  • Tomatoes, rich in lycopene, also useful for limiting the appearance of degenerative diseases.
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