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What happened at the first stage of Jazz’Inn 2022

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What happened at the first stage of Jazz’Inn 2022

Jazz’Inn is the initiative of the Ampioraggio Foundation experimented starting from 2017, on the occasion of the Jazz Festival Sotto le Stelle di Pietrelcina, where we connected jazz and innovation and experimented with new models of collaboration that we have summarized with the slogans “slow dating for innovation “And” far from clichés “.

Jazz’Inn involves the entire innovation ecosystem: companies, public administrations, investors, start-ups and innovative SMEs, research centers, professionals and people who buy technologies. Pietrelcina’s five-year experience made us understand the potential and advantages of an initiative that, starting from a village, turns into an “open innovation” event of national importance, producing concrete results of immediate operational value: innovating and more talk about it.

Starting from these experiences we have decided to offer the same opportunity to other villages and communities and we preferred not to choose us directly but we have launched an invitation to all local communities who want to offer themselves to host Jazz’Inn 2022 with the hypothesis of choosing one. two, one in the north center and one in the south center.

A total of 59 applications were received for the two initiatives. many more than expected, and it was really not easy to make a choice because the average quality of the proposals and projects presented was very high.

We have also hypothesized to foresee an Ampioraggio day in some of these locations that we have not selected.

For the edition of Jazz’Inn 2022 we have foreseen two stages: from 27 June to 2 July in Bracciano (RM) from 27 September to 1 October in Roseto Capo Spulico (CS).

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As always at Jazz’Inn there are presenters of cases (ideas, projects, proposals, problems, …) companies, professionals and public administrations, interested in collecting innovative ideas for their initiatives, their investments or to find solutions to their problems.

Also in this case we launched an invitation looking for 45 cases (15 for each of the 3 days of Jazz’Inn): 85 arrived and even here it was not at all easy to make a choice, excluding incredibly innovative and interesting proposals!

This year Jazz’Inn has as its central theme “The search for sustainability” based on the 17 objectives of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

The days in Bracciano were characterized by great enthusiasm and a very strong spirit of collaboration; professionals, large and small businesses, public administrations of all sizes, academics, researchers, everyone, absolutely everyone, we were there to discuss and find together the best solutions for each of the cases proposed and as always happens, working in these ways also new ones were born ideas and new projects.

The effectiveness of our model is fully expressed in the fact that the moments of constructive and creative confrontation are not limited to scheduled meetings but have characterized the whole day, from morning coffee to dinners passing through lunches, coffee breaks, aperitifs, concerts and walks.

The issues that most involved me and on which I found not only great skills but also strong will and determination to establish lasting collaborations were those that most directly concern public administrations.

Their skills and their problems were described and discussed on tables where we confronted subjects whose experiences were not only very different from each other but often also apparently distant from the original theme of the table.

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This corresponds exactly to the guiding idea and the way of operating of the Ampioraggio Foundation and in this way greater results are obtained with positive outcomes and often unpredictable innovative ideas.

Among the key words that most involved me, besides obviously the gender issues dealt with with great participation and the presence of authoritative personalities at the W20 meeting, I point out in particular the open source present in many of the cases discussed and the proposals presented and all the Issues related to the role that digital technology can play in the development of villages including the activation of the return dynamics of young people who risk leaving them permanently. For example, solutions have been proposed and developed relating to smart working, nomadic work, coworking spaces, costuding and coliving as well as, obviously, initiatives aimed at reducing digital divides also by strengthening assistance and training tools in the area.

An important core of shared words of great significance also emerged starting from the formula with which I introduced myself: I am a Co.Co.Co., I collaborate to share knowledge. Formula that the Mayor of Bracciano immediately resumed adding Concreteness and Contamination; over the course of the days, several others were added: Involvement, Community, Co-planning, Connections, Contribution, Sharing.

To summarize with an image the experience of Jazz’Inn in Bracciano we can think that every problem, every proposal, every idea is like a prism of which each of the participants saw only some faces, but thanks to the effective and creative comparison both formal and informal, an overall vision has been obtained that has allowed us to find new solutions that otherwise would have escaped each of us: a vision that goes beyond the visual, out of the ordinary.

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I would like to remind you that this year Jazz’Inn was dedicated to the memory of Falcone and Borsellino thirty years after their death, quoting the phrase of Giovanni Falcone that appeared on our posters: “Men pass, ideas remain”.

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