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What happens if I eat bresaola on a diet? Here are the consequences

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What happens if I eat bresaola on a diet?  Here are the consequences

The bresaola it is a raw unsmoked cured meat, which is subjected to a salting process and which has very little fat and lots of protein. The taste is delicate, but at the same time savory, and the reduced caloric intake and great digestibility make bresaola a perfect ally in weight loss.

But more specifically: what is bresaola?

Bresaola is a Italian salami, made from dried and salted beef. Cut into thin slices, it can be served as an appetizer perhaps accompanied by olive oil, lemon and rocket or perhaps as a single light dish. This cured meat is ooriginating from Valtellina even if it is now produced throughout Italy.

It is a food with a high nutritional value, very low in calories, with just 152 kcal per 100 g, and it is quite versatile in the kitchen, as it lends itself to countless recipes. Given its low fat intake, the bresaola it is the food most loved by sportsmen and by those who follow a low-calorie diet.

However, not all bresaola are the same because each company has its own “secret” recipe, in which the cut of meat used and the flavorings that are added make the difference. And what, then, is the real bhomemade resaola and what are the differences with that industrial?

In this case we are talking about Bresaola della Valtellina PGI starting from the recipe, which must be the original one or rather the traditional one. Then the processing is important, which is the real secret for a quality bresaola. In those of type handcrafted they are not here nitrates, nor preservatives, instead the industry really makes extensive use of them.

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Then, while in the artisan ones whole, fresh and ground spices are used and the pieces of meat that have a lower quality are discarded, in those processed in a industrial, obviously, all whole pieces are used, without making any distinction.

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