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What happens if you eat a banana every day: reveal the properties of this fruit (friend of the diet)

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What happens if you eat a banana every day: reveal the properties of this fruit (friend of the diet)

Banana is a fruit rich in beneficial properties, but everyone believes it is the enemy of diets. Instead, let’s find out what happens to our body if we eat it once a day.

The banana it is a fruit that is very good for our body, it has magnesium, potassium and many carbohydrates. Precisely for this reason everyone believes that it is not indicated in a dietary diet. Let’s see what happens by eating this fruit every day.

Many believe that since the fruit is high in sugar must be eliminated from the diet and of all fruits the banana is the first to disappear. And yet it has a lot of benefits.

All the benefits of the banana which is an allied fruit of the diet

First of all it must be said that bananas are rich in vitamins and carbohydrates, which bring many benefits to our body. A study shows that we are dealing with a fruit that has innumerable properties.

For example ingest large amounts of fiber it appears to help reduce the risk of heart disease, diverticular disease, and even some types of cancer. But the banana is also used to lose weight, this is because the fibers guarantee intestinal regularity, which is essential for our digestive system, moreover, it is a fruit that satisfies a lot, therefore it makes the the appetite.

All the benefits of banana – tantasalute.it

We think that one medium banana gives us an intake of 105 calories. But another fundamental thing about bananas is the large potassium content they contain, to be taken daily to allow our body to function well. It is also suggested to consume this fruit before playing sports or after because it gives a huge energy boost, which is essential especially when you sweat a lot.

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Perhaps not everyone knows that theWorld Health Organization (WHO), among its recommendations suggests eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, obviously the suggestion is not to consume 5 bananas a day, but a healthy person is suggested to consume even 2 a day.

The advice is certainly to find the right balance, consume bananas also associating them with other seasonal fruits so as to balance the beneficial properties to the fullest. Surely if you do a lot of sport, the banana is essential, it will be a real ally to feel stronger but also more energetic and fit. The high potassium contentit will also help compensate for the loss of mineral salts that occurs when you sweat a lot. It is no coincidence that bananas are often distributed at the end of sports competitions.

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