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what happens to our body?

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what happens to our body?

Coffee is the norm for many individuals in the world, both early in the morning but also during the rest of the day, having become the act linked to the consumption of this drink of very ancient and “dispersed” origins over time and legend, something absolutely comparable to a actual rite. From a nutritional point of view we are almost inclined to perceive the custom of coffee more as a habit than as a form of element part of the diet, but even a limited intake in quantitative terms can have a significant impact on our diet.

Many still today consider this drink with its typical bitter sweet taste as not beneficial, even harmful, but many studies have shown, on the contrary, that consuming even part of the habit within a sufficiently balanced diet results in more benefits than problems.

But what happens if you drink three coffees in the morning?

Is three coffees in the morning good or not? Here is the perere of the nutritionist

In essence, coffee does no harm to the organism, being substantially, speaking in a very general way, a form of infusion made up of roasted coffee beans, something sufficiently natural, which a healthy organism knows how to “keep at bay”.

What makes coffee famous in terms of its impact on the body is certainly caffeine, the main element which represents the main nutrient contained not only in coffee but also in tea and in the cocoa plant, which has an important stimulating, being able to “stimulate” the attention of the nervous system.

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But coffee is also an important antioxidant, helping to improve heart and circulatory system health.

Furthermore, a significantly common intake, part of the coffee habit, seems to have a relevant power to reduce the percentage of neurodegenerative diseases, such as the various forms of dementia.

Even in the digestive phase it stimulates gastric secretion and helps to “invite” the body to evacuate, triggering a stimulating reaction to say the least.

The indicated consumption, in the sense of recommended, is about 3-4 coffees a day, preferably spread over the day, referring to the espresso variant, as in quantities of this type the body can assimilate all the nutritional components without problems.

However, it is not a good idea to exceed with too much coffee all at once, in the morning, especially if on an empty stomach, three coffees can stimulate an excess intake of acids and bile, and this can favor stomach acidity and acid reflux.

Better just one, and the rest during the day.

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