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what happens to our body?

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One of the foods most hated by children, but as one of the most popular foods in the future, is our broccoli. Our little green broccoli, if well hated, are very important for our body, because it has many beneficial properties that many do not even know. In this article, we will explain the great importance of taking broccoli daily and its various reasons.

As we said before, broccoli has great nutritional properties, in particular of fibers, vitamins C and vitamins K, potassium and phosphorus. This is one of the few vegetables that provide a large number of proteins which, in fact, are usually scarce in other vegetables. In addition, broccoli is high in water and low in calories, for this reason it is excellent to make in many diets, perfect for weight loss. In addition to being low in fat and sugar, it also has a very low glycemic index, which is great for our readers who suffer from diabetes or high blood sugar.

In addition to all these properties, the brocco is able to prevent tumors, improve the health of our eyes, reduce cholesterol, improve the health of our bones and our skin. Now, let’s go through them one by one.

It prevents tumors, because its components known as isothiocyanates which are able to reduce oxidative stress, the development and growth of cancer cells by stimulating the immune system.

Improve the health of our eyes. It contains two compounds that protect our eyes from sunlight, zeaxanthin and lutein.

They reduce cholesterol. Because as we said before it is fat-free but very rich in water, favoring not only the purification of our body but also prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Diabetes prevention. High in fiber and low in calories, they are perfect for preventing diabetes and regulating blood sugar levels.

Broccoli for bone health. Thanks to vitamin K, calcium is better absorbed by our body, improving our bones.

Skin health. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, preventing cellular aging and reducing wrinkles.

There are many ways to consume a good meal with our broccoli, such as a good fresh salad, made in batter even if not so recommended, a good broccoli sauce, steamed or as a condiment for our pasta.

The only contraindications are for those people suffering from thyroid, which is preferable not to consume them, since they contain goitrogens that interfere with our metabolism, slowing down the production of hormones. In general there are no details contraindications, and also theallergy it’s a lot weird.

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