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what happens to our body?

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what happens to our body?

Anyone who likes to drink a nice glass of water at room temperature or cool (especially in hot seasons) but, what many do not know, are the benefits we give to our body by drinking a nice glass of warm water or hot. According to various studies medici, drinking hot water would seem to be a unique and above all very cheap source of benefits. The benefits are magnified when we take this action to morning (as soon as you wake up) perhaps with the addition of lemon juice.

The concoction is good for health in general, but especially for health blood circulationcolds, the process of digestion and stress. In addition, it would also help regulate metabolism and tip the balance, a stoner not to be underestimated at all. Here are 6 scientifically proven benefits of drinking hot water for you. Let’s find out what it is, so as to improve our health by introducing a very simple one habit daily.

It is true that drinking hot water does lose weight? Let’s see together what science says. Drinking hot water would seem to increase (not a little) the body temperature of our organism and therefore, consequently, the basal metabolism undergoes a considerable acceleration and also increases the consumption of calorie. The effect is enhanced when you drink hot water in the morning together with a dash of lemon, which would reduce the sensation of fame and the craving for food due to its content in fibre of pectin.

With cough and cold is it recommended to drink warm water with honey or lemon? Drinking lukewarm water, or even better if hot, would seem to dissolve and remove excess mucus, which is the main cause of catarrh. To be more precise, they both have effects benefitsonly hot water with honey helps improve cough while hot water with lemonis very useful in case of colds, as it contains a lot of Vitamin C. Have you ever thought of calming the nervous system by drinking only hot water?

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Drinking hot water, in addition to improving blood circulation, promotes the improvement of activity muscular and nervous, reducing stress. In particular, it seems to be a useful remedy to promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and support a deep and restorative sleep (when taken in the evening, just before going to bed). In short, his water, cold or hot, is undoubtedly a good one habit to be included in our daily routine, as it helps our body to maintain osmotic balance and body temperature optimal to life.

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