Home Health What happens to someone who eats 3 nuts a day with 30 grams of chocolate and a blood sugar level of 80? Incredible

What happens to someone who eats 3 nuts a day with 30 grams of chocolate and a blood sugar level of 80? Incredible

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Eating 3 nuts a day with 30 grams of dark chocolate and a blood sugar level of 80 prevents hypertension, helps lose weight, reduces the risk of diabetes and lowers cholesterol.

How many nuts should I take per day?

Nutritionists recommend consuming 3 nuts per day for a total of 15 grams and about 100 Kcal. Those who eat too many nuts risk gaining weight and endangering physical fitness and cardiovascular health. Those who are obese risk developing cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack. It also risks more with respiratory diseases and pains caused by osteoarthritis in the knees, hips and back

How much chocolate to eat per day?

The recommended portion is 30 grams over 24 hours. It is also possible not to take it every day to avoid introducing too many calories. The important thing is the choice of chocolate. To get the maximum benefits for your health you need to take the dark one with at least 75% cocoa. Dark chocolate contains tryptophen which is the hormone of good mood and happiness. It also contains anandamide which is able to boost the immune system and bring a good mood.

Can Diabetes Sufferers Eat Beans?

Beans are among the foods with a low glycemic index. They cause very limited increases in blood sugar and therefore can be consumed quite freely even in the presence of this pathology. Beans ensure that carbohydrates, taken for example with pasta or rice, are absorbed slowly. In this way, they avoid blood sugar spikes after a meal. They therefore have a containing effect on blood sugar. Repeated spikes in blood sugar lead to type 2 diabetes which develops through unhealthy lifestyles. Beans favoring the stability of blood glucose prevent hypoglycemic crises and therefore the lowering of blood glucose levels in the blood between meals.

Which foods have the highest glycemic index?

The glycemic index (GI) is a value that shows how quickly foods that contain carbohydrates raise blood sugar. Carbohydrates need to be converted into glucose by digestive enzymes to be absorbed. The increase in blood sugar, therefore, testifies to the absorption level of dietary glucose. Foods that raise blood sugar quickly should be eaten carefully. Here are some of the foods that have been analyzed to have a high GI:

  • Corn syrup IG: 115.
  • Beer IG: 110.
  • IG starch: 100.
  • Wheat syrup GI: 100.
  • Rice flour GI: 95.
  • Baked potatoes GI: 95.
  • French fries GI: 95.
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