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What happens to those who eat tangerines with high cholesterol, hypertension and high blood sugar. Incredible

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Tangerines have pectin which prevents bad cholesterol from being absorbed from the gut. This fiber along with potassium and antioxidants keep blood flow smooth. The American Diabetes Association recommends them for those with high blood sugar.

Is tangerine peel good for cholesterol?

The peel of mandarins has properties capable of lowering blood cholesterol levels. It is very rich in flavonoids. The pectin they provide is also a soluble fiber that helps the liver to better metabolize fats and triglycerides. The nobiletin, on the other hand, which is a compound contained in the white skin of mandarins helps prevent arteriosclerosis.The juice of these fruits is particularly recommended for people suffering from hepatitis C.

Can anyone with hypertension eat tangerines?

Consuming these winter foods is very beneficial for those with high blood pressure. In fact, they help to regulate blood pressure and also lower the cholesterol level. For those suffering from anxiety, it may be helpful to use the essential oil of these fruits. It has calming properties and also helps fight insomnia, stress, depression and other similar conditions. For those suffering from constipation, the consumption of tangerines is extremely beneficial. In fact, they offer many beneficial fibers in the intestine and also facilitate digestion.

Can anyone with high blood sugar take tangerines?

Sure because they help in the fight against high blood sugar. But be careful not to exceed in quantity. Despite their sour taste and although they are not among the main sugary fruits, they still have simple sugars that should not be taken in excessive doses. The recommended dose should be indicated based on the characteristics of each individual person. Several studies recommend a maximum of two mandarins per day. The quantity must be commensurate to the single individual, to his physical and pathological condition but also to his physical activity. If the meal has been balanced, a portion of fruit can be really good at the end.

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What minerals do tangerines contain?

They are distinguished by a higher amount of sugar than other common foods. They contain about double the sugars, for example, of an apple. For this reason, their consumption must be moderate, especially in the case of overweight, diabetes and high blood sugar. Here are the minerals they contain:

  • Ferro
  • Football
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Phosphorus
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