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What happens to those who eat too much protein? Incredible, here is the answer

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For several decades now the correlation between nutrition and well-being has been demonstrated, since the middle of the last century when it was shown that the most varied and balanced dietary regimes guarantee a tendency to encounter fewer physical problems and a lower tendency to develop diseases: the diet Mediterranean, “fine-tuning” starting after World War II has in fact confirmed the great “weight” that what we eat has.

In recent years, with the advent of the web and the possibility of obtaining access to very diversified diets, the tendency has developed to show greater attention to our diet.

What are they for?

Proteins are present in almost everything we eat, regardless of where the food is obtained, and being in fact biological macromolecules that are the “backbone” of the organism, which is not able to imagine it, so a continuous intake through nutrition. The proteins allow to manage the muscular tissues, allow the transport of oxygen and are the basis of the constitution of bones, muscles, tendons, hair, nails and almost any complex cellular composition.

Usually the diets rich in proteins, that is the hyperproteic ones (very often followed by sportsmen) favor precisely an intake of proteins instead of fats, sugars and carbohydrates. But what happens if you overdo it?

What happens to those who eat too much protein?

Especially when it comes to proteins of animal origin, therefore mainly meat and milk-based products, an almost exclusively protein diet increases the possibility of contracting diseases. Furthermore, those who follow a high-protein diet without doing adequate physical exercise tend to accumulate weight, with all the complications of the case. Too much protein can negatively affect kidney health, stimulating the development of stones and possibly urinary difficulties. It is good to remember to ask your nutritionist and / or general practitioner for the opinion, also considering the lifestyle we have chosen to adopt.

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