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What happens to those who eat walnuts with high blood sugar? Incredible

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If you don’t overdo it, walnuts help keep your appetite under control and lower your blood sugar. About 15 grams of nuts a day reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Can anyone with diabetes eat walnuts?

Non-fresh fruit is an ally of blood sugar. Eating walnuts may offer protection for diabetic patients, at least partially counteracting their high cardiovascular risk. Dried fruit has been viewed with suspicion in the diets of patients with diabetes for many years. All this for the high content in calories. 100 grams of nuts a week is good for you. Their content of oleic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids, fiber, minerals and vitamin E have repeatedly been shown to have beneficial effects in reducing cardiovascular disease.

Can anyone with high blood sugar eat dried fruit?

Fruits not recommended for those with high blood sugar are persimmons, figs, bananas, grapes, candied fruit and fruit in syrup. Attention also to industrial fruit juices. Most often they contain added sugars. The advice is to eat, even if in moderation, apples, pears, medlars, strawberries, apricots, oranges, peaches and raspberries. According to a clinical study, daily consumption of about 60 grams of dried fruit can be effective in controlling blood sugar and serum lipids for people with type 2 diabetes. Dried fruit is rich in unsaturated fatty acids that keep blood cholesterol normal. .

Who shouldn’t eat walnuts?

According to experts, nuts, like all fruit of this kind, should be consumed between meals as a snack. Furthermore, the use of walnuts must be moderate in case of liver disease and is contraindicated in subjects suffering from gastroenterocolitis or duodenal gastric ulcer. They should also be avoided by herpes subjects because the arginine they contain can trigger their appearance. Problems also in case of kidney stones, given the presence of oxalates. Nuts, like other types of this fruit, often cause problems with allergic phenomena in hypersensitive individuals. Symptoms vary from person to person. They range from abdominal pains to vomiting to breathing difficulties.

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What happens if you eat too many nuts?

Walnuts are an excellent food, but at the same time they are a source of fats and in particular polyunsaturated. Consequently they lead to a caloric increase. The advice is to stick to a maximum daily consumption of 15-20 grams. A nut allergy can give rise to the following symptoms:

  • Swelling of the face.
  • Urticaria.
  • Intestinal pains.
  • Feeling of suffocation.
  • Severe abdominal pain and cramps.
  • Redness of the body.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Respiratory difficulties.
  • Nausea, vomiti e diarrea.
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